Dolph Ziggler Talks About WWE Always Backing Randy Orton

Dolph Ziggler spoke to Mike Jones from DC101 in Washington about WWE backing Randy Orton. Here is what he had to say about the topic:

“If you’ve been familiar with WWE for the last 10 years or so, you would understand without Triple H coming up front and coming out and saying this is our hand picked guy, he’s the face, no matter what we’re behind him,” Ziggler said. “If you’ve been watching for the last 10 years or so, you’d already know that they made up their mind about him long time ago. No matter what he does, good or bad, they’re behind him and they’ll go out of their way to cut peoples legs from underneath them to make sure Randy comes out looking great.”

“So, the fact that it’s now out in the open, and I’m allowed to comment on it, it actually makes me sick. I’m really happy for Randy, he’s awesome, he’s so good at this. It makes me mad how good he is. But the opportunities that he gets over and over again makes that chip on my shoulder feel that much bigger to me. I wanna go out there and prove that they’re wrong, prove [to] Triple H that he backed the wrong guy for the last 10 years, and no matter what, I’m going to come out on top, one way or the other.”

  • Kimberly Polsgrove

    dolph is so much better than randy,dolphs in ring skills are out of this world he works his ass off and it shows! why triple h cant see this I dont understand.

    • Stelios Dontas

      If Dolph fought Randy lots of fans know he will lose. Randy can put you on the shelf for months. Dolph doesn’t have that in him.

  • Total Wafflez

    Triple H used to be cool.

    • Jason

      I agree Triple H sucks now :(

  • Raj Chauhan

    dolph plz dont piss trips off you know the consequences

    • Smitty

      Meh, I don’t understand why any fallout would have happened as a result of that interview. I have to think 80% of it was kayfabe regarding the current storyline, and 20% Ziggler saying give me the opportunity to show off. He bleeds WWE, so if they bury him on Superstars… Dolph’s done some of his best work there.

      • Raj Chauhan

        he posted on twitter that he got in trouble due to the comments and not kayfabe trouble