Dolph Ziggler Wrestles His Brother (Video), New Developmental Diva Reports To NXT, More

– The main event of Wednesday night’s NXT live event saw Briley Pierce team with Trent Baretta to face Dolph Ziggler and Brad Maddox. Briley is Dolph’s brother. You can see footage of the match below, courtesy of YouTube user hellbentxero:

– Women’s wrestler Davina Rose has reported to WWE developmental and was in attendance for Wednesday night’s NXT live event in Kissimmee, Florida.

– Wednesday night’s NXT show in Kissimmee was a packed house. AJ bragged on Twitter that they had more fans in attendance than CM Punk did when he appeared last year.

– Speaking of Baretta, he apparently knocked down part of the stage during his entrance, on accident. He tweeted about it:

“Displayed my strength by knocking down half the stage on my entrance tonight. Everyone seemed really impressed.”