Dr. Tom Prichard On CM Punk Interrupting Undertaker, Paul Bearer, WrestleMania & More

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I love this time of year. WWE will put on a tremendous show and set the bar higher each year at Wrestlemania. Truth is stranger than fiction. Putting matches together and letting them evolve organically can cause twists and turns no one could imagine. The best laid plans are never set in stone and even then there’s no telling what will happen?

Many of us were saddened by the death of Paul Bearer. When CM Punk interrupted The Undertaker during RAW and stole the urn at the end of the show, people were outraged at the disrespect and lack of class by WWE. Now the urn and Paul Bearer’s memory will be used to help the build up for Taker VS. Punk at Mania. How could they!

They could because all involved from WWE to Taker and Punk understand how much Paul Bearer meant to the business and his passion will never die. What a fitting tribute to a man loved and respected by all to play a role in one of the most important Wrestlemanias ever. I realize saying ?this is the greatest, most important, super special show of ALL time? is equivalent to ?this is the oldest I’ve ever been.?

Every Wrestlemania is supposed to be better than the last. I was looking through some old Houston wrestling programs and was amazed at how many ?Greatest Card EVER? were advertised. The words Greatest and Ever should be used sparingly in my opinion. Too many times greatest ever won’t live up to the hype.

Taker VS. Punk would have been special anyway. The element of losing the man that had so much success along side The Phenom adds a new dimension to this match. 20-0 is a perfect number. 21-0 is incredible because of what that ?1? will now stand for. The emotion is real and can be felt by those watching. What a better way to be a part of something so real, so raw and so intense. I don’t know anybody who can do it better than CM Punk and The Undertaker.