Drew McIntyre On Being Vince’s “Chosen One”, Leaving WWE, Wrestling Getting A Bad Rap

Drew McIntyre

Former WWE Superstar and current EVOLVE Champion Drew McIntyre recently spoke with STV in Scotland to promote a local indie event. Below are some highlights:

He commented on being Vince McMahon’s “Chosen One” in WWE:

“That has never happened before and will never happen again, Vince endorsing someone like that. I could never be unhappy in the WWE. No matter what they give you. As a kid, I’d have been happy to be Dumpster Droese. But I have big goals. After Vince said what he did, I was always planning on being the best in the world. I’m not happy if I’m not being creatively fulfilled and contributing what I know I could.”

Drew also commented on leaving WWE and his character now:

“It was a good time to separate – I can try out new avenues like TV and film, someone said I should try out for Game of Thrones because I look like those guys. My character at the moment is me. It’s like the Chosen One, but that’s still a bit too much like the Scottish Terminator for me. If it works or not, it will be on my own merit.”

Finally, Drew had some words for pro wrestling’s naysayers:

“There are always going to be people who give it a bad rap. I’d challenge anyone in entertainment to be given their lines at the last second, do their own stunts and only have one take to get it right.”

  • Todd Farabee

    wwe ruined him when they turned him from a dominant bad ass on smackdown. to a nobody on raw

    • Jam

      That’s exactly how we’ll see Rusev soon.

      • Arvind

        Don’t think so. He was affected by an incident with his former wife Taryn Tarrell while on the road with WWE and garnered them bad publicity. So he got punished for it. Don’t shift the whole blame to WWE, blame that bitch Taryn Terrell as well.

        • Jam