Drew McIntyre Says He Won’t Be Happy Unless He’s A Big Brand, Talks Taryn Terrell Rumors

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre recently spoke with The UK Daily Record about his WWE departure. McIntyre says he will be back:

“I guess I was annoyed, now I’m just fired up. I have an opportunity to be the biggest wrestler outside of the WWE and I won’t be happy unless I’m a big brand. It’s not a case of if I’ll be back with the WWE, it’s a case of when. It was a shock because I was already booked to continue performing on TV and touring all over the world.”

Drew was also asked if the 2010 problems with ex-wife Taryn Terrell hurt his standing with WWE. He replied:

“There are always behind-the-scenes politics in any job. I pride myself on being a nice guy and hope the things that have been blown way out of proportion didn’t hurt me and my career. A lot of what you hear and see on the internet is nonsense. A lot of people are really vocal about my talent – and that’s what’s most important.”

  • Jacob June

    They get rid of Drew, an awesome talent yet they keep that midget no talent Hornswoggle? Yeah, smart move…

    • Latoya

      Doesn’t make sense.

  • Latoya

    Hope he does well. Hopefully after some time and a lot of good heat outside the WWE, they will resign him. But why come back after the way they treated him?

  • Mrs.Ambrose #TeamAmbrose

    WWE needs to rehire Drew McIntyre.

  • Paule Glandt

    Comeon everyone knows Hornswoggle is Vinces son lol,oh wait that was Finley

  • TheJakeWaller

    hornswoggle is a writter, just for those of you that don’t know, he has been for years