Drew McIntyre Teases A Revolution, Says The Current Generation Can Save Wrestling

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre took to Twitter Wednesday night to talk about a revolution in WWE. Here’s what he wrote:

“Sometimes in life, you got to step back and realize no matter what you have accomplished or you feel the world owes you. In reality, you’re damn lucky to even be involved in WWE. I know you’re all calling for a revolution….it’s not time yet ;)”

“After all, no matter what the net says. Wrestlings future is ours!! The current generation have a chance to save our business, and if we don’t wrestling as we know it is finished. Taker, hunter, Pat, Bret(this pic is for when I was 22)”


The photo that McIntyre mentioned in the last tweet is the photo above of him and Bret Hart, taken when McIntyre was 22.