DX Reunion Advertised For Live Event, Piper Movie Preview & More

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper’s new movie “Fancypants,” which won “Best Feature” at the Sunscreen Film Festival, will be screening this weekend in Chicago.

‘Fancypants’ is the story of a professional wrestler, ‘Leo the Blue Lion’, who is nearing the end of his career and finds out he has one fan left in an 8-year old boy, who hides a truth that will change Leo’s life forever.”

Piper appears as a former professional wrestler turned announcer.

The official HD trailer for the movie can be seen on YouTube.com.

– WWE is advertising a DX reunion for the October 11 Smackdown taping in Dallas, Texas. Dallas is not far from Shawn Michaels’ hometown of San Antonio.

The 10/11 Dallas show is being billed as a SuperShow event with the stars of both Raw and SmackDown appearing.