Early Details On Plans For The John Cena/Nexus Storyline

According to Bryan Alvarez, the current plan for the John Cena/Nexus storyline is to pattern it after the Ted DiBiase/Virgil storyline from the early 1990’s. The idea is that Wade Barrett will continue ordering Cena around until the point where Cena finally snaps and attacks Barrett. It appears that the creative team has an idea for the end of the storyline, but the rest of it will be done week-by-week.

(Source: F4WOnline.com )

  • Shank Dogg

    Is the WWE running out of story lines? their just borrowing old story lines from the past.

  • Janice

    We want John Cena to snap and attack Wade Barrett

  • Dante LaBrie

    What a bland storyline. Typical face captured crap. They have a huuge chance to have Cena get used to the team and eventually willingly follow them and turn heel but nope

  • Aussie Fish

    I dont believe you even need to look as far back as DiBiase and Virgil for this storyline. It is very similar to the way JBL ‘hired’ HBK a few years ago. But i think it would be a great opportunity to give Cena turn heel. Attack Barrett at the end of the fued but have Nexus turn on Barrett also. I would like to see a Cena heel, i think it would be great to have a heel Cena and make him vs UT at WM27 for the Undisputed Championship.

  • 2Girls1Kopitar

    Look at all media these days, take movies for example 75 percent are just remakes of old films or comic books!! There are no new ideas!!

  • David

    I believe I would love to see new storylines, not just old storylines that are re-used over and over again, im sorry to say but TNA does have more creative talent team than WWE has cause they do think of original and unique storylines that you never seen before….but more on Cena, I would love to see Cena Heel again because it would boost up the WWE popularity and ratings

  • rob

    i have to agree with aussie fish, that idea sounds awesome. it seems like we have seen this and alot of story lines that wwe has produced in the past way to many times. time to start firing some writers

  • Ana


  • HeyYO

    We dont want another Superman Cena storyline. Make Cena slowly and cautiously start to respect Nexus. Make them even help him win a match or 2. He gains their respect and they gain his. Barrett sees this and starts to disrespect the Nexus which makes them start to ask Cena for advice and guidance. Then you set it up where eventually Nexus turns on Barrett so that Cena can be the leader. There you have a new giant face and a new giant heel. We all know the WWE though so im sure it will be Cena overcomes the odds which we have seen about 9846543126465113237 times already.

  • Ron

    Personally, I am really sick of the same old thing all the time. I am one of the rare breed who actually roots for the good guys!!! I HATE CENA’S supposed heel turn. It really irritates me that no one is ever content to let a good guy be a good guy.

  • H-Town

    They’re not running out of storylines, they never had any to begin with… and you partly can’t blame them, everything in the book has been done in pro wrestling.

    And it’s a bit hypocritical to say this storyline outcome would be bland considering the captured face turning heel isn’t all that original either. Been many shades of that back in WCW. Face it, nothing’s original anymore. No matter what the WWE does, they’ll never “win”