Edge Returning Gives Lesnar/Cena Feud Spark

On Raw tonight, the fans at home and in the arena that was absolutely unexpected. We were treated to an appearance from the 2012 Hall of Fame wrestler, Edge.


John Cena and Brock Lesnar were set to partake in a contract signing for their match at Extreme Rules this coming Sunday evening in Chicago, Illinois. John Lauranaitis came out to the ring and announced that Lesnar had not been spotted at the arena yet and that he will show up soon. Instead of cutting to a Cena promo or a commercial, Edge came out and told Cena something he needed to hear.

“WAKE UP!” Edge went on for a couple of minutes saying that Cena lost his edge after his loss to Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson at WrestleMania 28. Also, Cena doesn’t have the intensity in his eyes that he once had. From a fan’s point of view, it seems to me that he is too worried about his “pleasing the fans” movement than actually defeating his opponents.

Copeland lit a fire under Cena that isn’t witnessed very often anymore. Flashback a few years ago when Edge was ready to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania 24. Mick Foley, then Smackdown color commentator, gave Edge a speech that hasn’t lost my memory or many fans of the business for that matter.

He told Edge that in order to beat the Undertaker, he needs to channel the Edge that was one of the most deviant and diabolical wrestlers in WWE history. He is the man who speared Foley into a flaming table at WrestleMania 23. He is the one who was thrown in the Long Island Sound. After all of the tables, ladders, chairs, tacks, hell in a cell matches and hardcore matches, he still got up and lived to fight another day.

Foley gave him that speech to wake up and granted Undertaker was victorious, we saw that same Edge. Fast forward to tonight, Edge was Foley and Cena was Edge.

Up to this point in time, the storyline has shifted towards a Lesnar victory at Extreme Rules and a dominant rise to the top for the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. If anything has assured me as a writer, Edge sparked this feud and created confusion.

Does this mean Edge will be back full-time? No. He did what needed to be done and props to WWE for pulling this surprise out of the back of their hand.

It rejuvenated this feud that was lackluster to begin with. What will happen if Cena doesn’t win and Lesnar is victorious? The same could occur and it leaves you with an un-finished prediction at the pay-per-view in just six days.

As a fan, I just have two words for John Cena..

Wake up.