Edge Talks About Wrestling One More Match

The Miami Herald newspaper has published part 2 of their interview with former WWE Superstar Edge. The Rated R superstar says he got closure on his WWE career by making a surprise appearance – but of course, was asked if he could ever wrestle just “one more match” like everybody is hoping we’ll get out of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

“I don’t really want to think about it, and also the WWE doctors told me they’ll never give me clearance to do it. It’s not going to change. My spine is shrinking. So it’s not like four years down the road it’s gonna suddenly open back up, and in order for it to open back up, I’d need to get surgery which would weaken my neck even more, which definitely stops me from ever doing it again.

What doctors told me is they won’t clear me. Now, I think [Austin] has the same thing as me. So coming back he has to pass all that stuff, and if you can’t pass it, they won’t clear you. It’s not a matter of, ‘Ah, well maybe one more.’ Well, maybe one more, if they clear you. Great, but they told me I’d never be cleared. So that makes everything easier for me. It immediately got rid of, ‘I can come back for one more.’ It’s like maybe I could, but they told me they won’t let me. So they took that all out of my hands. It’s funny because people have said, “Oh, OK, so you’re going to comeback for one more.’ It’s like you’re missing the point here. I didn’t retire because I wanted to. I retired because they told me I had to. There’s a big difference there.

Edge made it very clear in his retirement speech on WWE television (as well as in recent interviews) that doctors told hi he can never wretle again – but he says fans still come up to him on a regular basis and ask him if he’ll wrestle again. Edge said:

“Even the weekend with ‘SummerSlam,’ I did an autograph session, and fans were asking, ‘When you coming back for one more.’ You don’t understand. They told me I can’t. People will give you flack, and it’s like, ‘No, I’m not walking away from this to become an actor. I was told that they will not let me do this. ‘You’re done.’ No choice in the matter. ‘Sorry.’

So I don’t have any second guessing or that maybe in two years I can come back and do that one last match or anything like that. Yea, I’m done, and that’s all there is to it, and you have to accept it.”

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