Emma’s Mugshot Revealed, Internal WWE Reaction to Her Arrest

Regarding Emma’s arrest, the feeling within WWE is that it’s probably a big story today but will be largely forgotten about come tomorrow.

TMZ has released Emma’s mugshot:

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

  • Daniel Strandberg


    • Necro

      Piss off -_-

  • Jason

    She isnt doing that stupid dance now is she? Hah Blow me Bitch!

    • jmull

      I’m guessing you’re about 14

      • Myron

        Haha tight

      • Jason

        No actually. I just find emma to be completely annoying. from that “Dance” to this whole thing with Santino.. ugh

  • Necro

    Even her mug shots are kinda cute

  • Myron

    Still fine as hell

  • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

    She’s still a good person. Hopefully this doesn’t harm her career in WWE though.