Eric Bischoff On Who Created The Elimination Chamber, Vince McMahon Hypes Yes Movement

– As reported, Triple H talked to about how he created the Elimination Chamber match concept. There has been some debate online about who created it – Triple H or Eric Bischoff. Bischoff confirmed on Twitter that the idea was Triple H’s. He replied to a fan:

Another fan asked if Triple H invented the match and Bischoff replied, “He did.”

– Vince McMahon made a rare tweet today and plugged the USA Today article that we covered yesterday, talking about the “Yes Movement” carrying over to sports. Vince wrote:

  • James Humwood

    Ahh nice well one thing HHH did that was actually cool lol

  • Clay Keithstone Merritt

    Elimination Chambers aren’t really that special nowadays. The last good Elimination Chamber match was probably New Year’s Revolution 2005. And my reasoning behind it being isn’t because of the blood or anything. From a story perspective, it was better. Vince and HHH have a bad creative team at their disposal. Its not about the PG rating, its about the substance and logic of the story.

    • Raihan Khan


    • Bryan Thomas

      Lol so since HHH made it’s not that good? Lol. I think that it’s overused. It should be something that happens once every blue moon


    Word its not about PG at all cuz people dont even remember that back in the attitude era smackdown was PG they jus need to bring the blood back like even hogan era in the 80’s had blood & they were pg it makes it more realistic & they need a better creative team that actually does good storylines

    • Bryan Thomas

      How was smackdown pg in the attitude era?

  • jordon


  • TheUndertaker21

    I really thought that HHH was lying! but it’s mentioned in Wikipedia that Eric Invented Elimination Chamber! I find it strange!