Eric Bischoff Talks About Goldberg & The Rock’s Success, What Attributed To It & More

Eric Bischoff recently spoke to Jim Ross on the former WWE broadcaster’s renowned podcast The Ross Report, and he was asked how his relationship was with WCW juggernaut Goldberg. Listen to the full episode with Bischoff below.

Ross thought the WCW Triple Crown Champion was the biggest star the company had every produced, and asked Bischoff how to describe the phenomenon and if he saw something special in him early on.

“Clearly, Bill is a very special person,” Bischoff said. “He’s a very special character. To this day, and I don’t have the experience you have, but out of all the people that I’ve worked with that I’ve met, Bill is very unique in a sense where, what you see is what you get. That intensity that you saw when he came out to the ring, it was not a lot of acting there…that was Bill.”

Bischoff also said that when Goldberg was performing in the ring, he would realize he was “getting what you got,” and because of that, Goldberg was able to connect to the audience.

“We saw that early on, but there were limitations,” explains Bischoff. “You can’t just run through a cookie cutter press and crank out a wrestler that looks like Bill Goldberg. We had to work around limitations and we wanted to accelerate the process obviously, and get him out there as soon as we could.”

The former WCW boss also said that part of the reason he got where he did so quickly was because of the timing, and said that wrestling was at its peak. The companies were full of talent, facilitating storylines and ideas alongside the biggest stars in the company.

Bischoff also said the same was true for a huge WWE superstar.

“I think the same is true for The Rock,” Bischoff said. “Even though he went through a couple of character morphs, the truth is the same time he was hitting his peak was the same time wrestling was hitting its peak.”

  • jmull

    Goldberg/Reigns would be a fun feud down the road. Maybe at WM30 — who is the master of the spear? Reigns would probably have to be the heel though.