ESPN Rips John Cena’s Promo On WWE Raw & Updates WWE Power Rankings

ESPN has updated their WWE Power Rankings for the week. Listed below is this week’s top 5, with their rankings from last week in the parentheses.

1. CM Punk (1)
2. Dolph Ziggler (3)
3. The Shield (9)
4. Alberto Del Rio (4)
5. The Rock (2)

John Cena ranked at #10 this week after taking the #5 spot last week. ESPN wrote the following about John Cena’s promo on Raw.

This man used to be money on the mic, but his promo on Raw was seriously one of the most ridiculous, time-wasting experiences I’ve sat through in years. Curious to know whether his writers are really this out of touch, or if Cena actually thinks he’s being funny.

  • Knitemare!

    LOL Even ESPN realizes how pathetic RAW staff writers are AHAHAHAH now THATS sad..

  • Andrew

    I enjoy the ESPN Power Rankings, but I’d really like to see the idea expanded into Fantasy Rankings or better yet Fantasy WWE. I went to MIT’s Sloan Sport’s Conference last year, and both Goodell and Selig were discussing how fantasy sports really pushed their respective sports to the frontier. Ratings went through the roof for small market teams too, and they had data that showed it wasn’t just revenue sharing and increased parity. I imagine you could apply this principle to individual wrestlers and you could potentially have a Fantasy WWE league where the division winner comes down to a match between Alberto Del Rio and Big Show. Ratings in the first hour and for non-main event card matches would increase (maybe even as much as 55% like it did for the MLB and the NFL) and we could potentially see an across the board increase in ratings for WWE. In fact, I would be very confident that this would be the case based on the MIT conference research that showed it would apply universally to all sports. Further, the entry level costs would be particularly minimal. Think about it. How much would it cost the WWE to set up a WWE fantasy sports page on their website. And yes, because young kids love wrestling, they’ll be fine without money involved. They’ll play for the sake of playing something WWE-related. And because it’s fantasy, it’s guaranteed that ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports and FOX Sports would start giving WWE more mainstream attention because every network loves fantasy sports (and I know this because I’ve worked at ESPN as an NHL analyst).

  • ImmaCornetteGuy

    CM Punk is #1 and the Rock is #5.

    Whoever takes ESPN’s take on wrestling seriously is a retard.