Esports Wrestling: Everything You Need To Know

E-sports has seen a vast amount of growth over the years with the unprecedented success of games such as NBA 2k and even Fortnite recently released by Epic games. This has seen a vast number of famous faces such as Ninja and Faze clan taking their YouTube fame and taking their gaming ability to the next level. This has seen an increase in the e-sports industry and many people are using streaming sites such as Twitch to stream them competing in famous competitions.

As the e-sports industry continues to grow, so to do the number of people investing time and money into streaming the events and using e-sports betting apps to try their hand at the very best odds on their favourite e-sports competition. With several competitions in popular games such as Fortnite, NFL and NBA games, the industry has now moved onto the next sport in their roster, Wrestling. With a new WWE game available every year as well as a number of other wrestling titles, the competition is heating up to become the wresting e-sports champion.

With the popularity of wrestling extending globally, it is no surprise that the e-sport community has seen a huge surge in the number of people betting on and participating in sporting events surrounding the sports and the famous faces that are in it.

With professional wrestlers both men and women, wrestling has seen popular faces go from the ring to the big screen. With wrestlers such as Dawne, the Rock Johnson, John Cena and Nikki and Brie Bella ( The Bella Twins) have their own TV shows and box-office success on the big screen helping to boost the WWE brand globally.

With the success of WWE being worldwide, WWE recently posted a video of WWE superstar Becky Lynch recalling here experience at WWE Tokyo this year and had this to say:

In addition to the big screen, wrestling has also seen an increase in popularity with pay per view events seeing a vast amount of sales. With popular events such as Wrestlemania, Summerslam and the Money In The Bank competition drawing the attention of the worldwide media, this is the perfect opportunity to place a bet as all the famous superstars take to the ring to get their hands on a championship belt. This highly anticipated event draws millions of viewers from all over the world eagerly awaiting some of the best matches in the WWE calendar. In addition to this, the bookies get their chance to benefit from the competition with thousands of people placing bets on their favourite superstar to become the next champion in their match.

Below is a snapshot of a show down before a crucial money in the bank matchup on Seth Rollins Instagram. This shows perfectly the showmanship these wrestlers have and the experience that they provide to the packed out crowds.

Running alongside these major wrestling events there are several major e-sports events such as CapCom Cup and CEO that are all major competitions with thousands of people worldwide competing with one another. This lends itself well to these major wrestling events as you can recreate the magic during the major events. Though this is still in the early stages, there is plenty of room for growth making this is exciting times for the brand.

This love for the sport also contributes to the popularity of e-sports competition as competitors from all over the world, set about becoming the top of the group. In recent months the WWE made a huge change to the sporting community by signing a contract with IGN for an e-sports showdown.

This event not only won best gaming event of the year at the MCV awards, but it also helped to blur the lines between the universe you see on TV and the Games with WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston and Sasha Banks making an appearance.

This is big for the wrestling community, as the passion behind the sport is what will help expand the online sporting community and bring it to the next level whilst benefiting both communities.

Whether you have watched wrestling in your new to the world of e-sports, there is no denying that WWE, NXT and Raw are household names with famous wrestlers making their way into our favourite TV shows and Movies. As this popularity continues, we predict that you will begin to see events broadcasted through paper view events as well as on twitch for the fans to enjoy.

As the e-sports community continues to rapidly expand, so to do the number of competitions that are available to the gamers making this more exciting than ever before. Will you be trying your hand at e-sports wrestling in 2019?