Estimated Customer Sign-Ups The WWE Network Brought In From Launch Day

Pro wrestling analyst Chris “Mookie” Harrington regularly publishes in-depth WWE statistics and has an interesting look at WWE Network sign-up estimations from launch day. Here are the highlights from Harrington’s report:

From 8am until 4pm EST, WWE was including order numbers with their confirmation e-mails. Based on these sequential numbers that were collected from fans on social media, Harrington estimates that between 8am and 4pm EST, there was more than 130,000 sign-ups. Some time just after 4pm, WWE stopped putting the numbers in the e-mails. There’s no way to estimate how evening traffic and RAW boosted sign-ups.

Harrington notes that if we pretend there was no change in order momentum after 4pm EST, the data could suggest that day one of the Network ended with a little over 251,000 sign-ups, plus however many signed up before 8:15am EST. The data could also suggest 439,186 sign-ups but Harrington believes that’s being way too generous.

Harrington’s educated guess was that the Network did between 250,000 and 350,000 sign-ups on day one. As we’ve noted before, WWE revealed that they need 1 million subscribers to break even.

  • colbyWhitman

    They’ll get 1 million subscriber no problem if they open it up to everywhere and not just the U.S

  • Rick Yuhnke

    There are a lot of people happy with the WWE network, but I think this was not the way to do it. First off, they should have tried one area like playstaion first, made sure it worked properly and move to the next area.

    But the WWE is greedy and the want your money, not your input, they want your cash. So, bring it all out at once….Brilliant, hey, first thing I learned as a programmer was there will be errors and the longer it takes to fix them, the more upset a customer gets and eventually they look for something else.

    Unless they get quick fixes, this whole network will be a bust.

    I hope for that. The WWE 24/7 on demand was a solid idea and if they had a tv channel that was on cable, they could have been ok. But they tried for all of you first stating they need 1 million to break even… Not going to happen.

    The tv channel coul have lead people to the net to get more programming at an additional charge, programming that worked and well now you have this.

    Best of luck to all of you, the WWE rushed this and you can tell