Eva Marie Says She’s Improving Her Wrestling Skills, What Total Diva Does She Want To Lay Out?

Eva Marie is not content on resting on her Total Divas fame as her primary goal for 2014 is enhancing her wrestling ability.

She reveals to WWE Magazine in an interview published in the latest issue, “This year, I’m intent on progessing in the ring. I want to be the best I can be before anything else.”

The red-headed grappler pays tribute to Jake “The Snake” Roberts for the feature and reveals that she would like to perform his signature maneuver on fellow Total Divas star Natalya.

“She always seems to be getting at me on Total Divas,” said the 29-year-old. “Even though us girls should be sticking together, if you ask me, she’s asking for it.”

Eva Marie, who’s hair is naturally black/dark brown, was told by WWE management that she would have to dye her hair blonde for Total Divas. Feeling it looked horrible, Eva Marie bucked the directive and had her hair dyed bright red. She says she has no regrets over the decision.

“It’s a huge conversation piece, and it always brings me a lot of attention,” said Eva Marie about her hair. “And who doesn’t want attention in this business?”

Finally, Eva Marie says the most important quality a woman should have to make it in WWE is confidence.

“You have to feel beautiful and sexy in your own skin,” she says. “If you don’t have that, nothing else will fall into place.”

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  • James Humwood

    I thought by layout in the title that it was gonna be about her sleeping her way to the top lol. But good for her actually wanting to improve she need it could easily be next best heel diva

  • charovnica

    Yeah…feeling sexy will magically do all the bumps for you.Just keep your sexy on,Eva. :D

  • theripperdannyb

    It can’t be that hard to improve from nothing!

  • BrogueKickCutie

    she still sucks, she needs go back being a slut in pornos where she belongs! she’ll never be in the same league as Trish or Lita!