Eve Torres Discusses A Possible Movie Career, Interacting With WWE Fans & More

WWE Diva Eve Torres spoke with CTPost.com to promote the September 17th RAW show from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Here are some highlights:

What she’s nervous about in the ring: “My fear isn’t that I’m going to be injured, the fear comes from putting yourself out there and not having it received the right way.”

Interacting with fans: “They are so loyal and with social media they’re able to interact so that they feel really involved. We do portray certain kinds of people on TV (and in the ring), but the fans like to see that line being blurred on social media. … Still, I’m pretty careful about what I put out about my personal life.”

A potential movie career: “It combines everything I love. I trained to be a gymnast; I love dancing, I love performing and I love the community outreach we get to do. It would be great to have more opportunities in film and TV and other parts of the entertainment world, but the WWE has really helped me grow as a performer.”