Ex-Wrestler Convicted In HIV Case, Could Face Decades In Prison

Cincinnati.com reports former professional wrestler Andre Davis was convicted Wednesday in a Hamilton, Ohio court on 14 of 15 “felonious assault” charges for failing to disclose to sexual partners that he is HIV positive.

Each felony carries a potential sentence of two to eight years in prison.

Davis also stands accused in similar cases with five women in Butler and Warren counties.

Davis’ sentence will be determined after he undergoes a psychological evaluation. Sentencing is scheduled for December 21, 2011.

The full story is available here.

Davis found out he was HIV positive in 2009 yet continued wrestling through 2010. The Wrestling Observer reports Davis was hired as a referee by WWE in 2009 but withdrew their contract offer after he underwent a battery of medical tests. Davis was wrestling in matches involving blood during that time period.

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