Ex-WWE Writer Thinks Daniel Bryan Will Have A Short Title Run

Former WWE creative team member Seth Mates says if history is any indication – we shouldn’t expect a long title reign from new World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan.

Mates tweeted on Monday afternoon @SethMates:

“To borrow a holiday metaphor, this is the time of year (between Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble) when Vince (McMahon) ‘tries on’ his new clothes or new main eventers.”

“Foley (99), Jericho (01), Evolution (03), Edge (06), Sheamus (09), Miz (10), Bryan (11) among those elevated during this stretch of (the year). And to continue with the bad holiday metaphor, Vince has (until) Royal Rumble undercard to return them if they don’t fit just right. Also, Jeff Hardy in ’08 – almost forgot him.”

“So don’t be surprised if Bryan loses the title at (Royal Rumble). Not a dealbreaker…just Vince’s history with change.”

As previously reported, original plans called for Mark Henry to remain champion for several more months. However, Henry suffered a groin injury during his match with John Cena on RAW last week and the call was made for Henry to drop the title at TLC.