Extreme Rising Updates: Sabu Enters Rehab, Raven & More

Extreme Rising sent out the following today:

SABU: We have gotten literally hundreds of emails and postings concerning Sabu. Comments and questions about his health and well being, but the million dollar question is “WILL SABU BE ON THE 6/29 CORONA, NY AND 6/30 PHILADELPHIA, PA EVENTS?” Here is where things stand, right now today.

Sabu, under heavy Extreme Reunion office urging and support, we pleaded with him to enter rehab to get the help for himself. Sabu was in contact with the office, specifically Cody Michaels and Shane Douglas, the week after April 28th show (and weekly), profusely apologizing for the “Philadelphia Incident” Extreme Reunion 4/28 weekend. In addition, Sabu has asked for forgiveness and for reconsideration in future bookings. The Extreme Rising office has been pleased that Sabu checked himself into a treatment center located on the West Coast in May.

So where do things stand now you ask??? First, we care most for the recovery and health of all our staff. Second, all the partners of 5 Guys Wrestling / Extreme Rising have agreed that upon completion of doctors approval, we would consider having Sabu participating in Extreme Reunion future events. Could Sabu appear 6/29 & 6/30? He could. He is not booked, or scheduled right now. If he was booked; rest assured we would announce it in a heartbeat. There is some hope that Sabu could be in NY and Philly, but again we do not know. If and when Sabu is cleared and confirmed YOU ALL WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW.

To clear up RUMORS, Raven will not be appearing 6/29 Corona, NY and 6/30 in Philadelphia, PA. REPEAT, Raven will not be at EXTREME RISING.


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