Eye Witness Account Of Jeff Hardy Backstage At Victory Road

Jay Ray has sent in the following email:

Long time reader, first time email-er. I have a brother who works backstage at the Impact Zone occasionally, and he was there last night for the TNA PPV. He sent me a text message before the main event started telling me that something was about to go down, and I visited him today to ask him what was up. He told me that Jeff showed up to the arena later than he was supposed to and went missing backstage shortly after arriving. Management had to rush to find him before the match; he was apparently laid back in the corner of a bathroom. He got chewed out pretty harsh and had to be helped to the ring entrance. My brother was near the entrance and he said that they were all pissed off at him for his condition, and because of their yelling his was late for his own entrance. Sting wasn’t saying much, but he was visibly upset. Jeff, according to my brother, seemed like he didn’t have a clue what was going on and seemed to be nodding off while standing up. He said it was pretty bad.

Just thought you guys would like to know. My brother said that he thinks Jeff was supposed to win the title, because they mentioned repeatedly how much this would change their plans. Of course, they may have just meant for the match and not for the future story, so take that as you will.