Eye-Witness Account Of The Alberto Del Rio Incident Near WWE’s Hotel This Weekend

Reader Jon Napier sent the following in regards to what happened with Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre before SummerSlam:

“A group of friends and I were hanging around near the WWE hotel and saw Alberto Del Rio being talked trash to by two black guys. The men attacked Del Rio, which brought over Drew McIntyre. Drew hit both of them back until security broke things up. The two men were escorted out of the place. Everyone heard that Del Rio refused to press charges.”

  • Joshua Montell

    Aces & 8s

  • Geoff

    Del Rio should have pressed charges, the damage to his face is quite a blow for a regular tv performer.

    • Squared Circle

      Not for one who gets hit in the face on TV for a living tho.

  • Eric Seriouse

    There is something wrong with this picture for the reason why he would not press charges don’t you think?

  • 5xob

    Perfect angle to bring in mvp and shelton Benjamin, yell