Eyewitness Account Of The CM Punk Attack On Fan Incident During WWE Raw

Thanks to Mike Douglas for the following:

I was at the Raw here in Sac… CM Punk decked that guy right pretty much in front of me… I took a pic on my page… They took him backstage right after… It was not staged, it was real, the dude slapped CM Punk in the back. And Ryback is SUPER over!!!!

VIDEOS: High Quality Footage Of CM Punk Hitting A Fan On WWE Raw (HD)

  • Deana Ernst

    at the video the other guy on the left touch punk shoulder and punk
    look right at him then turn around and hit this guy behind him for no
    reason and push him down. so i think the guy has a right to file charges
    to punk. cause you dont hit fans for no reason. i hope vince does
    something to punk for hiting a fan.