Fan Describes Awkward Encounter With Brock Lesnar & Sable At Beach In Orlando (Photo)

A few days ago we posted video of a fan awkwardly trying to meet Brock Lesnar and his wife Sable at an Orlando airport after last week’s RAW. A fan claimed on the message board that he had another encounter with Lesnar and Sable at a beach in Orlando. The fan wrote the following and later posted the photo below:

“On the beach here in Florida and I was taking a picture of the beach and all of a sudden I hear some guy yell “HEY NO F***ING PICTURES” and I look and see Brock Lesnar. I didn’t even know he was there and I wasn’t even taking a picture of him! Pretty jerkish thing to say. Oh well still pretty cool to see him. After he waled by I took a picture, I have it right here but I’m not sure how to upload it. If anyone can tell me how to I will upload it immediately”

Here is the video we posted a few days ago of a fan filming one of their friends trying to meet Brock Lesnar and his wife, former WWE Diva Sable, at the Orlando airport this past week:

  • Simon Corbett

    Brock has stated many of times he is a private man and keeps himself to himself. He does not like humans, nor some fan trying to take a picture. The guy would literally destroy you haha

    • Mike Stover

      if he keeps pissing fans off they will literally destroy his marketing no one will buy his toys dolls and shirts therefore wwe couldn’t market him if his stalks are dropping just because he refused to take that picture. Randy orton is the same way with slapping a camera out of a fans hand at a waffle house. Fans make stars if there was no fans the actors athletes entertainers would be normal joes like us. Brock has no respect for the business hes never payed his dues like us independent pro wrestlers that’s never seen the wwe tna or ROH. He would break if he had to put the ring together and break it down and all the set up with the entrance chairs and get payed 20 for a match if he lucky some gets 5 bucks. That’s what rookies that pay there dues has to do iv done 13 years of this shit I know.

      • Mike Stover

        so I will stick to my flea market shows with a sold out crowed of 50 seats with fire aunts biteing me and a blue tarp as the entrance way. Love the smell of hotdogs and nachos and the fans getting there moneys worth of a 5 dollar ticket.

        • Simon Corbett

          Hey man. I appreciate your comment but of course Brock doesnt care about the business. Hes in it for the money. Man, the mail guy isnt even allowed near him.

          Hot dogs with ketchup smell better!

  • Bad News CJ

    Seriously. I will never be the world’s greatest Brock Lesnar fan. But, whatever happened to common respect of people in public where we didn’t feel the need to throw ourselves on celebrities. Perhaps, Brock could handle it better. But, if he doesn’t want you to take pictures, can’t you extend the common courtesy of respecting that? Leave people who don’t want to be bothered alone. Leave CM Punk alone, too. Stop ruining AJ Lee’s matches with Punk chants.

  • Derek Lawrence

    Leave these guys alone!! They DO NOT owe you a photo, or to even speak with you. When they’re walking in the airport or at the beach, they are on THEIR time, not yours, or anyone else’s. Stop being damn pests, and let them live.

  • Guest

    I like how the fan says, “I didn’t even know he was there and I wasn’t even taking a picture of him! Pretty jerkish thing to say.”

    And then proceeds to TAKE A PICTURE OF HIM.

    Wrestlers like tranquility like everyone else, it’s just that most wrestling fans are REALLY stupid.

    • pancho

      I read it that differently then you I suppose. The way I interpreted what the guy stated was that he had already taken the picture then Brock yelled at the guy.