Fan Proposes At Axxess, Hulk Hogan On JBL & Cole Show (Video), Problems With Signings, Jay Lethal

– One man at Axxess yesterday proposed to his girlfriend in front of Rosa Mendes and Aksana. The woman said yes, which started a big “yes!” chant among fans.

– We’ve heard problems of lines taking too long to move at the Axxess signings this week. Many fans report waiting in line without getting to meet the Superstar they were waiting for.

– Jay Lethal has launched Uproar Pro Wrestling Academy in Tampa, Florida. Details on the school are at this link.

– Hulk Hogan is featured on the latest episode of The JBL & Cole Show:

  • Latoya

    Awww!!! That is so sweet, and that seems to be an ongoing theme. Last Year’s axxess was chaos and as long as they continue to have 3 hour intervals for each superstar with hundreds of fans waiting on line they will ALWAYS have that problem. Essentially the axxess is really taking pictures of the superstar while wating on line.