Fan Struck By CM Punk On Monday’s Raw Now Considering Filing A Lawsuit

Charles Schmidt, the fan struck by WWE Champion CM Punk at Monday night’s Raw event in Sacramento, California, is now considering hiring an attorney for a possible lawsuit.

Laura Cole, a reporter for CBS Sacramento who attended the show at Power Balance Pavillion and tracked down the fan, stated on Twitter late Tuesday night, “So the fan Charles Schmidt who got hit by @CMPunk told the sheriff’s department last night that he didn’t want to press any charges.

“Today Schmidt told #CBS13 he is considering hiring an attorney for a possible lawsuit.”

During the ordeal, Punk backhands the fan, then smacks him in the jaw.

Schmidt told CBS Sacramento, “Next thing you know he comes at me, pops me and my glasses go flying and I go down to the ground.”

A video that surfaced online of the incident shows some fans heckling Punk, with Schmidt right behind him.

“Did you touch him at all?” Cole asked Schmidt.

“No, not at all,” he said. “I didn’t see anybody touch him, but there were a rush of people.”

The video shows what appears to be Schmidt touching the back of Punk’s head. However, CBS Sacramento says the hand of another person actually touched the WWE Superstar’s head just before the attack.

Schmidt took photos of himself following the incident. CBS Sacramento states, “You can’t really see any bruises, but he claims the confrontation broke his glasses.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department opted to not investigate the matter because Schmidt did not want to press charges and did not appear to be injured.

More details on the story are available here.

See huge close-up pic of CM Punk hitting fan on Raw ->

  • 666reapaholic

    How unprofessional of CM Punk. My whole perspective of Punk just changed. As a wreslter, especially in WWE with huge crowds that’s something you have to deal with. WHen you’re a top name in a sea of people, they are going to want to touch you, harass you, cheer for you, scream in your ear, and Punk of all people should’ve been the person least likely to do something like this. I could understand if Punk actually saw someone hit him but he struck a guy he didn’t even see hit the back of his head.