Fandango’s Theme Song Craze Continues (Video), WWE’s Promotional Efforts & Marketing Praised features an article looking at WWE’s incredible promotional and marketing efforts. The article states, “Hollywood can take a few lessons from the WWE’s all-encompassing approach to brand management” and looks at the ways WWE reaches their audience through various platforms and generates countless streams of revenue.

Variety interviewed Vince McMahon and WWE marketing executive Michelle Wilson about WWE’s social media push and balancing their “core product.” McMahon said on WWE stars being accessible that, “John Cena or the Big Show could walk down the aisle and shake your hand. It’s a little difficult for Spider-Man to do that.”

Wilson added that WWE doesn’t want to spend too much time on initiatives that don’t make money, “If you’re moving people from television, where we get a licensing fee, and trading down to a model where you get nickled and dimed, how do you build a significant business off of that? You don’t want to take people off of TV and put them on platforms where we make no money.”

The WWE currently receives licensing fees and ad revenue for distributing TV shows on YouTube and Hulu, but Wilson says that the company does not have one major online distribution deal, unlike other TV shows, in order to reach the widest audience possible. She stated, “It’s a fine line where your content should and shouldn’t go, but we’ve said we have to understand where our fans are consuming video content, and we need to be there. Some might say you’re over saturating the market, but we’re saying a rising tide lifts all boats.”

– The Fandango craze continues below, as the show MLB Now on the MLB Network comes back from commercial: