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After sitting watching Raw earlier today, I just had to sit down and write about something. It’s not anything ground-breaking. In fact, it’s familiar territory to me and long-term readers will probably know what the topic is. For anyone who missed Raw, or who hasn’t seen it yet, let me fill you in on something.

Last night on Raw, Vickie Guerrero announced that a former WWE and World Champion would be making his return at WWE’s next PPV (which is 2 weeks on Sunday), Hell in a Cell. Is it The Undertaker I hear you ask? No. It isn’t.

It’s a man who’s been missing for just about 7 weeks now. It’s a man who said he’d be out for over 6 months when he cut his last promo on Raw. Yup. You’ve guessed it. It’s John Cena. No. I’m not foolin’. John Cena will make his return to the WWE at the Hell in a Cell PPV to challenge one of my other favourite wrestlers, Juan Bland Latino (ADR), for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sigh… I don’t even know where to begin with this.

Raw has felt like a completely different show without Cena’s cartoonish face all over it these last few weeks. Other superstars have had the chance to shine without WWE’s omnipresent harbinger of doom smirking his way through promos and stumbling awkwardly through matches. The Daniel Bryan/Shield/Randy Orton dynamic has been great to watch and, for the first time in recent memory, a feud over the WWE Championship has been interesting – for two reasons:

  1. There’s a clear definition in terms of who is the babyface and who is the heel
  2. The feud/storyline has continued through both Raw and SmackDown – something that’s not happened for years as far as the WWE Championship is concerned

It might not seem like it from the tweets I throw out or my general demeanour on the podcasts I do, but I’ve actually been (more or less) enjoying Raw since SummerSlam because, like I said, it’s felt fresh without him there. His miraculous recovery from a torn tricep (well ahead of schedule by the way. Wonder if he had any “prescribed” help…) puts a whole shadow over EVERYTHING WWE have tried to do since he thankfully disappeared from our screens in mid-August.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. Cast your minds back to January. Hell, even July 2012 if you want to be picky about it. Which I do.

On the 1000th edition of Monday Night Raw, The Rock came out and announced that he’d be challenging for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. And mostly every single bright t-shirt wearing, Fruity Pebble eating child (as well as the 35 year old virgins who fall for Cena’s own particularly potent brand of horseshit) went apoplectic with rage at the fact Rock was getting a title shot.

“How can Rock get a title shot?” “What has he done to earn it?” “He doesn’t deserve a WWE Title match”. You get the drift.

Those same people won’t say a fucking word now that WWE’s cash cow has returned, ahead of schedule, and been granted a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell. Don’t get me wrong my hard-rocking amigos. I am, by no means, a fan of my good friend Latino Sheeeeet, but I think everyone and his dog knows that when Cena returns in just under 3 weeks. He’s winning. And he’ll win convincingly. When that happens, it’ll achieve 2 things:

  1. It will completely undermine all the good work WWE have done in trying to convince us that ADR is this vicious, take no prisoners, sadistic champion who stops at nothing to win
  2. It will also inevitably lead to Cena being WWE’s all-conquering hero. It’s almost a cast-iron guarantee, a nailed-on certainty, that Cena will be the one to vanquish the evil HHH and Stephanie, and restore WWE to the place it was before he left.

Go on. Tell me that won’t happen. And for those of who you say it won’t, you’re lying. Or kidding yourselves, one of the two.

So, if Rock didn’t “earn” his WWE Championship shot at Royal Rumble, just how in the name of Christ has Cena earned his shot at ADR? Explain that to me. Seriously. It’s EXACTLY the same situation. People bitch at the Rock for not earning a title shot, but they’ll gladly crawl up John Cena’s ass without saying a word about it. Hypocrites.

I was talking about Cena on a podcast the other week and one of the listeners tweeted in, calling me “a broken fanboy”. I’m not going to, and didn’t, dispute that. You know why I’m broken? Because we’ve not had a break from Cena in 11 goddamn years. Sure, a month or two here or there, but it’s been 11 years of having his smirking face shoved down our throats. I’ve had enough. And I know there are a lot of people out there who feel the same as me. Brace yourselves here. Controversial statement coming.

For someone like me, a fan of WRESTLING, John Cena is a cancer on this business that I once loved with all my heart, and it’s because of him that I don’t love it as much anymore.

Daniel Bryan’s rise to the top came at EXACTLY the right time. For the WWE. For fans of WRESTLING. And for the business. We needed change. Things had become stale. As great as it’s been to see what’s been happening with CM Punk and The Shield, change will never TRULY come until that smirking, goofy-faced cancer of WWE’s main-event scene goes away. For good.

We don’t need John Cena anymore. Ratings/buyrates stay the same pretty much regardless, whether he’s there or not. So what else does he do? Frustrates the life out of WRESTLING fans, that’s what he does.

So go on CeNation. Come at me with your usual “he’s such a good guy”, “he does all this charity work for Be-A-Star and Make-A-Wish”. OK, but what the hell does that have to do with WRESTLING? The one that really gets me is “he’s so brave and he’s a hero”. He’s not by the way. The men and women fighting in wars all across the world for their countries are. They’re what TRUE heroes are.

You were all keyboard warriors bitching when the Rock got a title shot that he “didn’t deserve”. Well what about John Cena? Does he deserve it cos he’s been brave and had an ouchie on his elbow? Please… Do yourselves a favour. Take a long, hard look in the mirror if you think Cena deserves it. He doesn’t. And more importantly, we don’t.


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  • George sucks

    Shut the dam mouth you little bitch you 40 year old virgin
    stop complaining The Rock deserved a shot at the title and everyone knew it
    plus the reason people did or would of complained is that he wrestled 1 singles match in almost 10 years he was gone and came back

  • George sucks


    Im a 21 wreslter in training and get more pie then a pornstar

  • Adam

    BRILLIANT. Finally, somebody who has the same mindset as someone who wants the WWE to do well. Lets face it, Cena has had his time. Is he a legend? of course he is. Is he a inspiration for upcoming superstars? Naturally. But is he whats ‘best for business?’ Not one bit.

    I have been a fan of cena for years (not the weird, creepy kind that believe he is the savour of wwe). But he is past his time within the WWE. We all know, including himself probably, that his wrestling style is stale and his promo work is borderline tolorable but nobody can deny that he has star quality. Which is what WWE is about yeah?

    The best thing for WWE to do is push Daniel Bryan as top face and turn Cena heel in my opinion. DB is a lot more over with the fans then cena any day and it would allow cena to develop more of a personality (if possible). However, even the most hopeful of minds would agree that the chances of this are extremely slim.

    Fingers crossed ADR will somehow win and allow cena to go into some unwanted storyline some midcard talent (eg, the wyatts, cody rhodes) and stay away from the HHH/pwer struggle that we have been seeing because, yet it has had it’s ups and downs, but its a more build up then this ‘horrific mess’ we are going to endure at HITC.

    Perhaps cena should face somebody with his own wrestling ability? Cena vs Aksana anybody? no? Just me then…

  • GoneCENA


  • Robb Maynard

    Well, Cena hasn’t gotten his WWE title rematch yet, he is due a title match. Why interrupt the Orton/Bryan feud or just inject Cena into it, instead put him against ADR who has completely fallen flat since he lost his cars and Ricardo, maybe let ADR win a couple times, give Cena another title reign, probably brief, and then let Sandow cash in and feud with Cena.

    Buy rates and ratings did in fact go down following Cenas shelving. Probably why hes being brought back, admittedly, prematurely. Also the whole Rise Above Cancer program makes no sense without Cena.

    I think Raw has felt a little two dimensional without WWEs gigantic face main eventer. The faces have come off as powerless and weak, unable to stand up to the Authority. I don’t think Cena is the one to stop HHH, but to help balance out the sides, yes. Bryan is great, but he hasn’t been able to carry the locker room on his back. This storyline has actually made him seem like a B+ player.

    And if you don’t like Cena, stop watching. Really. Nobody will care, WWE loses nothing, the IWC loses nothing. Theres no need for the product to change because of what you think, what you think is irrelevant.

  • Rey Ca$h

    Wow. I get the idea you don’t like John Cena. By the way, I’m Rey. I write The Breakdown. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
    I cannot debunk your feelings. You’re entitled to them, and while I feel completely different, I genuinely respect that. But I can debunk a few things.
    1) People bitched about the Rock getting a title shot (me included) because he had only wrestled a total of 2 matches in the year and a half before that. Cena, however, was the WWE Champion before he lost and took time off due to injury.
    2) Call me crazy, but there have been a ton of other guys in wrestling history who have been forced down our throats. Hogan, Flair, and Sting to name a few. The difference is that those are more accepted than Cena. Please, don’t confuse opinion with fact.
    3) I’m a die hard wrestling fan. Have been so for 20 years. I’d MUCH rather watch John Cena than Daniel Bryan on a regular basis. This isn’t to say that Bryan isn’t great, as I love the dude, but Cena brings something that Bryan doesn’t. He brings believability, a hero figure (in the context of wrestling. No one is comparing him with REAL heroes my man. Be real), a draw. Ratings may not be up considerably when he’s there, but there are much more eyes on the product my man. Trust me. Merchandise, live gates, exposure…Cena revels in that where Bryan has happily said that he doesn’t want to be that guy. 4) Change was needed and change was had. That doesn’t mean that Cena can’t be part of this change. If they were gonna shit on Bryan and Orton as you think they are, Cena would be coming back for the title he’s rightfully owed a rematch for. Instead, he’s going for the “lesser” title to give ADR a rub. By the way…Cena had a serious arm injury. ADR has an arm submission. I’m just saying.
    You’re totally entitled to feel how you do and express it. I like reading your columns. But your hate of Cena is a bit ridiculous, and if one person…better yet…one wrestler makes you hate a business that you say you love, you might want to reassess how much you loved it in the beginning.

    • Justin

      I don’t root for Cena at all (never have, not even when he was the heel rapper that the IWC, who hates him now, cheered for) and I agree with this reply completely.

    • Robb Maynard

      I agree with most of these points. Cena is just the man of the decade, and the reasons for making him the man have little to do with his in-ring ability to perform maneuvers. But don’t get confused, Cena can tell a story in the ring and he’s really really strong. That’s his thing, Strength. He tends to be pretty clever in the ring too. He doesn’t have a diverse moveset, but he has tried to adopt a submission (STFU) and some aerial (that horrendous stiff legged Fameasser & awkward Frankensteiner). He recognizes his five moves of doom, but most main eventers have these, a typical set of moves they repeat ad nauseum. Even Bryan is beginning to do so!

      I did not like Cena during his rapper days, and I started hating him in the Marine days, because hes not a soldier, that pissed me off. But since hes cooled down on it a bit, Ive actually come to like his smirking persona. I like that he talks to the camera on the stage. And his work with kids is important, even if George wants to completely dismiss it. Its the difference between being a WRESTLER and a SUPERSTAR. WWE isn’t wrestling, its Sports Entertainment. And in that realm, Cena is king.

      • Robb Maynard

        Oh and great point about Del Rio’s Cross Armbreaker and Cena’s injured tricep. It was the first thing I thought of when match was announced.

        I don’t think Cena will take the WHC first try either. I think ADRs viciousness will come out more and he’ll escape with it. But after all, ADR has been running the WHC since December with a small window for Ziggler. Without RR and the Cars, he’s really flat.

  • Jesse

    Just look at this link. it shows the sharply falling ratings straight after John Cena went out from his injury in late august to present. I think there is a lot if jealously with your report. I respect Daniel Bryan Randy Orton CM Punk and all the other wrestlers who have got more airtime recently. But frankly Cena is the face of the company for a reason. Because he is the best professional wrestler in the wwe with the package in and outside the ring. Especially in 2013, cena is still the man.

    The problem is not necessarily Cena it’s the other wrestlers who are not at cena level consistently to the wanted change in wwe. I know that’s hard but it’s the truth. SNM


  • elmano

    Thanx for the great article, its telling the truth.
    ill say a thing, just one thing ,,,

    Stone Cold, The Undertaker, The Rock, Kane, Big Show, HBK, Mankind, Cm Punk, Orton, HHH and many great superstars we saw them became “Heel” and by that they give a popularity for other wrestlers.
    WHY we still didnt see the PG Era Star became a Heel !