FATP: Surprisingly, women’s wrestling goes beyond WWE

What’s up guys? I’m back with my third column in less than a week, all to do with the sport that we love, wrestling. We’re coming off the back of a very decent Over the Limit PPV last night. If you didn’t see it, check it out. Overall, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll give my overall thoughts on it before we get started. I was 5 for 6 with my predictions, which you can read here.

The show kicked off in the middle of a People Power Battle Royal, which started on the YouTube pre-show. The winner got a mid-card title shot later in the night. Final four came down to Tyson Kidd, David Otunga, The Miz and the returning Christian. The crowd popped pretty big for Kidd, which is a good thing. He’s under-rated and gets little to no TV time. The North Cackalacky crowd’s clever! It came down to Christian and Miz, with Christian winning. After the match, Christian seemed to indicate he’d be going after Santino’s US Title.

The Tag-Title, Divas and World Title matches all went the way I thought they would, with the champs retaining. None of these matches were bad, each getting a good 2.5/3 stars out of 5. Before the next bit of in-ring action, we end up having a backstage segment with John Laurinaitis’ Head Administrator (think about it people!), Eve Torres, and Cody Rhodes. Basically Cody said he’s glad Christian chose Santino, because if he’d chosen Cody, Christian would have lost. Christian overheard, changed his mind, and now we have Christian vs Cody for the IC Title. Good choice.

Next came one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. Mike Mizanin, the former WWE Champion, the man who headlined WrestleMania 27 with John Cena and pinned him, started dancing in the ring before getting squashed by Brodus Clay. I don’t know what Miz has done to deserve the way he’s been booked since Survivor Series, but it has to end when he’s done filming Marine 3. Please WWE, I’m begging you.

Cody vs Christian next was a good solid 8 minute match, with Christian going over to become new IC Champion. Cody will continue to develop if he’s allowed to work with Christian going forward. It can’t hurt Cody whatsoever. I think he’s above the IC Title at this stage, let him feud with Christian for a bit before moving up the card.

Next up was the match of the night. There are no words I can use to describe how good Punk/Bryan was. Watch it. It’s a modern-day classic. Any aspiring wrestler should watch it and take notes. It was that good. The rest of the show was predictable. A Ryback squash and Big Johnny beating Cena. I’m not wasting time on those matches, cos they’re the reason why the end of the PPV sucked.

Overall, Over the Limit was a 6/10 effort for me. Not bad, but very decent. Hopefully, we get more Punk/Bryan heading into SummerSlam.

Now, let’s get into what I wanted to talk about, which is the fact that, despite common misconception, women’s wrestling does exist beyond WWE. Last night, I read something on Twitter that genuinely made me laugh out loud. It’s amazing to me how many people have their views blinded about what women’s wrestling is and what their talents are.

It’s easy on Twitter for people to hide behind a fake name with a dodgy profile picture and dish out abuse about something they don’t really know anything about. I don’t claim to be an expert, far from it. I’m a fan of WRESTLING who has a forum to express his opinion. Does that mean that anything I post is right, or everyone feels the same way? No, course not.

I have a HUGE amount of respect for anyone that puts their body on the line to entertain us. Whether I like them as a character or not is irrelevant. They’re doing something that I know I wouldn’t have the bottle to do, so how can I judge their performance. I go by what my expectations are. I’m not gonna throw names out there, but I know a few women’s wrestlers who work for indy promotions in the UK and the US.

Apparently, because they’re not in WWE, that doesn’t make them good wrestlers. To me, that’s a crock. Here’s why. In the last ten years, WWE’s Women’s Division has gone from having women’s wrestlers to having good looking women in their women’s division. Anyone can see that there’s a difference there. WWE’s Women’s Division used to have women like Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly and Serena Deeb to name just a few. These were all women who could WRESTLE.

Fast-forward a few years, and the WWE Divas division, in my eyes, has THREE wrestlers. Natalya Neidhart, Beth Phoenix and Kharma. The rest of their divison consists of models who were signed because they look pretty. It wasn’t based on how they wrestle. That’s not how it should work. Any job should be based on your talent to do the job.

There are hundreds of ladies out there who can kick ass between the ropes and they do it well, but because they don’t conform to what WWE’s idea of a “wrestler” is, that means that they’re no good in the eyes of some people. That’s total BS. Now, before you think that I’m crapping over the current Divas, I’m not.

It isn’t their fault that they’re not at the level of a Mickie James or a Trish Stratus. They weren’t hired because of that and WWE has to take the blame for the clusterf*ck that is their women’s division. TNA’s Knockouts Division isn’t like that. They sign women’s wrestlers. You know, the ones that understand how to work a match and those that don’t botch a dropkick?

The problem is that WWE has lowered everyone’s expectations to the point where we’re supposed to believe that Kelly Kelly, or Brie Bella for example, can beat Natalya or Beth in a wrestling match. Skill-wise, there’s no way. Do you suppose it’s a coincidence that WWE’s best female wrestlers right now are all heels? No, it’s not. It’s because they need Natalya or Beth to carry the Barbie Dolls to a good match.

If you want to see women who can wrestle, check out TNA, check your local indy wrestling promotion. That’s where you’ll see actual wrestlers, not models who got signed because Johnny Ace saw them in a magazine somewhere.

The whole point of running and promoting a wrestling show is to give the fans the best wrestlers you can find. It’s not that difficult to understand is it? You wouldn’t promote a football match as a ballet would you?

When women who are actually out there doing it, wrestling because they love it and for little or no money, express their opinion on the current state of women’s wrestling, particularly in WWE, they get called jealous because “they’ve got no fans” or “they’re not in WWE.” There’s one very simple reason why they’re NOT in WWE, that’s because they can actually wrestle.

That’s my opinion anyway guys. What do you all think? Get in touch with me on Twitter and let’s talk it out! My twitter handle’s at the bottom of the column.

This week’s Wrestling Throwback involves two future Hall-of-Fame women’s wrestlers, Trish Stratus and Mickie James. Both women could go in the ring and they’re also hot! See WWE, it’s not difficult to find attractive women’s wrestlers, why are you making it so difficult? This video really is a throwback to when WWE actually gave a shit about women’s wrestling and gave them actual storylines. This match is from WrestleMania 22 and it’s for the WWE Women’s Championship. Don’t say I’m not good to ya! Enjoy!!

Well, that’s all from me for this week, I’ll be back before RAW next Monday with more of my ramblings from across the pond. Until then, remember, if you can’t be good, be good at it!!

Peace out,

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