FATP:- The Best in the World has the Best Wrestling DVD in the World

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote something for PWMania.com, so I’d like to apologise for that. I’ve been busy reformatting a website, which basically took over my life from the end of October until this past Sunday. The only break I had from it was to watch Hell in a Cell. It’s done now though, so your regularly scheduled FATP’s are back from here on in.

This past weekend, I went out and bought my FIRST wrestling DVD. Yup, you read that properly: my FIRST wrestling DVD. Seems weird to say that, considering I’m a wrestling blogger. The reason I’ve never bought one before is because I’ve never felt compelled to. I don’t see the point in buying PPV DVD’s, because I’ve already paid to watch them once and to be honest, most of them weren’t worth the money in the first place, so why would I waste more money buying the same thing.

I won’t lie and say that I’ve not watched some of the recent WWE documentary style DVD’s (Randy Orton, Edge, Steve Austin, The Rock, Randy Savage, Shawn/Bret etc) because I have. I just never felt the need to buy them. The most recent DVD from WWE was a must-buy for me. You know what I’m talking about. It’s CM Punk: Best in the World. For me, it’s the best wrestling DVD I’ve ever seen.

Part of the reason for me saying that is because yes, I admit it: I’m a CM Punk fan. Since his days in ROH, I always have been. The other reason why I say that is because it doesn’t feel like a WWE DVD if that makes sense. You can tell that Punk had a LOT of influence on the production and content from the off.

It’s more “real” than a lot of wrestling DVD’s that you see. Sometimes, Punk’s brutal honesty is frightening. You don’t usually see that. Normally there are things that WWE don’t want fans to know, but Punk knows people aren’t stupid. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I didn’t feel patronised by the content, which is one of the things I want from a wrestling documentary.

The BITW DVD touched on Punk’s personal life, without going into too much detail. It’s enough to give you a bit of background about why Punk lives a straight-edge lifestyle, but it’s never dwelt upon. Then it moves into his rise through the indies to the top of the WWE. Some of the content was amazing to see, like Colt Cabana and Punk’s friends talking about how they got started in wrestling.

One thing that shocked me was when WWE showed Chris Hero on screen and the caption referred to him as Chris Hero. That almost NEVER happens. Whether it’s down to the fact that he’s in developmental, so they don’t mind people knowing who he really is, or because of Punk’s involvement, is down to you to decide. Personally, I think it’s the latter.

Before I sat down to watch it, I’d heard people say that BITW was a good DVD, but I deliberately avoided reading any reviews because I wanted to make up my own mind about it. As a Punk fan, there were two questions that I wanted answers to.

The first one was why they took the World Title from him in 2008 with a crappy backstage “assault” by Randy Orton and Legacy. At the time, it never made any sense to me and it was good to finally get an answer. Punk was told on the day of the PPV that the Jericho/HBK feud “needed” the title, so he was taken out. Seems a bit harsh to me, considering that Punk won the title after the Jericho/HBK feud began, but whatever. It’s cool. At least I know why that happened now.

The second question was when Punk actually decided to re-sign with WWE instead of going home like he planned. It shocked me that he hadn’t actually decided one way or the other until after the MiTB 2011 PPV was underway. That shows how serious Punk was about everything he said. Frustration, anger and emotion have poured out of Punk ever since his feud with Jeff Hardy in 2009. You can see that when you watch the DVD and it highlights the Hardy feud, his SES run right through to the pipebomb that shocked the world last year. Punk wears his heart on his sleeve. When he’s happy, you see it, but when he’s pissed off, you see that too.

One theme that shines through the DVD from start to finish is desire. Punk wants to be considered as the best in the world and one of the best of all-time, regardless of where that is. He’s definitely up there and I’m not just saying that as a Punk fan. Punk is able to draw a reaction from the crowd, regardless of the role he’s playing. He’s good as a babyface, but he’s even better as a heel. His in-ring skills can only be matched by a couple of men in the WWE and probably only a handful more around the world.

Punk said it himself. This isn’t a direct quote, but he basically said that if he believes in something strongly enough, then he doesn’t care if it pisses people off. He won’t go along with what he’s being given if he doesn’t believe it’ll have the right impact, which is exactly the right way to go about things. It’s Punk’s incredible belief in his ability (whether it’s in the ring or on the mic) that drives him to be better than anyone else on the roster. He’s not afraid to take a chance and I’m grateful for that.

Sometimes, people with as much ability as Punk don’t get the opportunities they deserve. Punk has made his own opportunities time after time and he’s reaped the rewards. That’s why he’s sitting proudly at the top of the tree in WWE as the longest reigning champion in years. I read online today that if he holds the title until 7th December, he’ll be the longest reigning champion since Hogan’s 4-year run in the mid 1980’s. That’s a statement from the WWE that they believe in Punk, just as much as Punk believes in himself.

Now, I realise that in the grand scheme of things, my seal of approval effectively means nothing, especially when it comes to the world of wrestling, WWE or CM Punk and I understand that. I guess I wanted to use this article as a platform to say that I truly believe that CM Punk’s DVD is the Best Wrestling DVD in the World because it felt real. That’s what wrestling’s supposed to be like and that doesn’t happen very often.

I’ll be back early next week with the latest FATP so until then, thanks for sticking with me and thanks for reading!

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  • SolorioJORjay

    There are tons of dvds that toss out the script and hit the real notes. The cm punk dvd is a great production style wise, but it does not compare at all to the shawn michaels, steve austin, ultimate warrior, and greatest rivalries dvd. no ass kissing in those dvds everyones true feelings are expressed about ego, and backstage politics.