Fave Five

Hey there guys and gals, Dave Scott with some lovely reading for you all. I was at the Smackdown live show on Saturday in Glasgow and also met Sheamus at a signing, but I’m going to write about that next week as I started this during the week and will get this bad boy out the way!

So what I’m going to give you guys a little insight into is my current fave five!

How original am I?

I’m just going to base the decision of these over the last few months, give a little opinion on what I think the good things are about them and what I think could be a good journey for them going forward. I’m going to try and cover the majority of the card, not just have five main eventers or five guys that wrestle on Superstars each week.

Number 5: David Otunga

I know a lot of people will not agree with this, but I think this guy has a lot of potential and I’m glad that WWE has given him something to do. He isn’t the best in the ring to be honest, which heavily showed in his match against Santino on Monday’s Raw. But I do think there is a lot for him going forward.

He is currently cementing a place as a midcard heel and just from his background alone, he is instantly dislikeable. Regardless of whether he was in WWE or not he would be loaded, he would be friends with celebrities, so in a sense, he doesn’t need WWE. He could just live off of his missus for the rest of his life, but he doesn’t. This gives me the feeling that he is there to prove to himself he can make it by himself. I think he wants to be the best and in the role he is in just now, he is definitely in line to get some matches with some of the best in the company.

I’m honestly hoping that a US title run is in his near future. Have him win it off Santino and then continue to retain the title through under hand tactics for quite some time, getting some gold in Big Johnny’s direction through Otunga could only help getting Otunga and Laurinaitis over as heels. The one thing Otunga needs to do though is just keep improving and the main way to do that is just get him into feuds and have him in that ring.

Number 4: John Cena

Cena has never been someone that I have ever been extremely fond of to be completely honest. However over the last few months with the build to his match with The Rock and the recent Brock Lesnar feud, I have started to quite like Cena.

I felt that every week Cena was out doing The Rock in his promos in the lead up to Wrestlemania and to be completely honest I thought it would have made a lot more sense for Cena to go over in the match. As everyone knows though that isn’t how things went. This has made the return of Brock Lesnar a bit more intriguing though because if you asked me six months ago if I could see Cena getting beat cleanly at two pay per views in a row, I definitely would have said it would never happen. But here we have The Rock beating Cena cleanly and I would imagine that Brock would go over Cena at Extreme Rules.

This gives us a little change from the old Superman type Cena that we have seen over the last few years, which is good! Cena has been practically indestructible for his entire tenure at the top and its good for us to finally have the doubt of will he win or won’t he win. His loss to Lord Tensai sets this even further in stone because if Tensai can beat him surely Lesnar can.

So I’m hoping we get a loss from Cena at Extreme Rules to Lesnar and I would even go as far to say give him another loss at Over The Limit. Have him drop down the card a little, maybe give him a feud with someone like Ziggler or Rhodes to help them get over, because we all know those two are ready to move up the card.

Number 3: Kofi Kingston

Kofi hasn’t really been up to much of any major excitement over the last few months he seems to be getting placed in matches where he always loses if he isn’t in a tag match. However a lot of the singles matches he has been having have been great. He has became a guy that the WWE can rely on to have great matches all the time and hopefully at some point this will pay off for him. He is over with the kids and I think his career will go a very similar route to Rey Mysterio.

Hopefully Evan Bourne can return from injury sooner rather than later as the two of those were great as a tag team and if WWE are going to up their game with the tag division, I really think those two need to be a part of it. They are two solid workers who have not been given a solid place in quite some time so I think more of them teaming will only help them up their game and move forward. Also give them something to do!

Otherwise I would like to see him perhaps being put back on to Smackdown perhaps a feud with someone like Alberto Del Rio could help the two guys, have them feud for a few months give them something to do as I’m sure the two of those guys could have some great matches or even Christian could be someone that could do the job with him. To be completely honest though I’m not holding my breath for any of these things to happen but would be good to see WWE invest in someone like Kingston who really does deserve some form of push.

Number 2: CM Punk

A lot of people have criticised CM Punk after the whole thing last summer. I can’t see why though. He is always consistent and is good to watch. I didn’t think his match with Jericho lived up to the hype to be completely honest but hopefully their match at Extreme Rules can exceed all expectations. Also on that note the feud with Jericho doesn’t really need the whole personal touch they have added to it and it is not the way that I wanted it to go, but again I’m hoping everything falls into place at Extreme Rules.

I am hoping that CM Punk does go on to hold the title for another few months leading to a match with Lesnar where he possibly drops the title. I am also hoping that his rumoured feud with Lord Tensai doesn’t happen as I would much like to see him go into a feud with Mark Henry because their matches over the last few weeks have been good, which I was pleasantly surprised at. The rumoured feud with Austin for next years Wrestlemania would be the best thing that could happen for his career, I think CM Punk needs something like that to push his career over the limits, but I can only see success from the rest of Punk’s career.

Number 1: Dolph Ziggler

Now where do you start with this guy, he is awesome. He is starting to get really good on the mic and his in ring skills are excellent. He has been floundering quite a lot lately but still everything he has done in the past has been great.

I want to see Ziggler move up the card this year, a move to Smackdown could benefit him greatly as he would be more likely to get a title run on Smackdown. Feuding with Sheamus could be a great idea, have him win underhandedly with the help of Swagger and then have Sheamus chase him until he wins the title back. However I think Ziggler is definitely one for the future as I can only see bright things coming his way, just hope WWE can do it correctly to make the most of him.

So there is my fave five at the moment! I will be back next week with a general overview of my Smackdown experience next week, was a good overall show and meeting Sheamus was a nice touch on it all. But that is me for now! See you all next week.