FCW Wrestler Appears Unmasked, Booker T Talks Bagwell Match

– Benicio Salazar, who had been appearing in Florida Championship Wrestling as a masked character, is now pictured on FCWWrestling.info without a mask. His bio, however, was not modified.

“I have spent much time scouting the superstars of FCW,” Salazar explained through a translator. “My true identity will NEVER be revealed and the fact that I will become the next big FCW attraction is all my opponents need to know.”

– Booker T talks about his most memorable moment from Raw, which was his match against Buff Bagwell in the show’s first-ever WCW main event.

“My favorite moment from Monday Night Raw would have to be the night myself and Marcus Bagwell main-evented on Monday Night Raw,” Booker reveals. “It’s such a sweet night for me, actually coming from WCW.”

T continues, “That night for me man, a new chapter to the Booker T saga. It was a night that I’ll remember for the rest of my career.”