Fire Breaks Out At Raw; Arena Evacuated, Superstars Tweet & Upload Video Of Fire

A small fire broke out in the arena just over an hour before the start of WWE Raw event from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati. The cause of the fire appeared to be a pyro malfunction near the stage, filling the arena with smoke. The fire alarm went off, and people inside the arena were evacuated as a pre-caution. No one was injured in the accident, which was described as an “awesome, loud, frightening moment.”

WWE wrestlers have also tweeted that the Raw set got caught on fire. Chris Jericho posted a Tout video with fire engine sirens blaring. Zack Ryder tweeted, “The RAW set is on fire. #RyderOrRiot?” and Kofi Kingston also tweeted, “Well looks like we’re off to a hot start…”

Here is the video Chris Jericho posted on his Tout, with the caption, “Raw is on fire tonight!! #extinguisher”

  • CapitalNK

    That alarm is terrifying! lol