First Look At Hornswoggle’s Character In Leprechaun: Origins, New Clip From The Movie

Hornswoggle was present for the same WWE Studios’ panel at the San Diego Comic Con on Thursday that Kane was at to discuss See No Evil 2. They did the reveal for Leprechaun: Origins, which hits VOD on August 26th and DVD/Blu-ray on September 30th, and below is a look at Hornswoggle’s unique looking character for the movie:

Hornswoggle said the only similarity between this reboot and the original Leprechaun movie is the name. Apparently it’s darker than the others. Below is a new clip:

  • Justin Hinkle

    Honestly that looks like one of the creatures from The Decent. That in no way resembles any kind of leprechaun i’ve ever seen. I get that they wanna make the movie different but i think they took it too far with the actual look of Leprechaun.

    Leprechaun’s should be able to talk. I mean thats the thing about them they’re smart they play tricks and they have charisma. That thing in the picture doesn’t look like it can even form a sentence.

    And i don’t want Leprechaun to be just some vicious creature that runs around like a wild animal and killing people. And by the looks of the picture that looks like the direction its going.

    • Thenotsoluckyone

      What I wanna see is how they’ll make the transition to wild animal to leprechaun from the first movie.

  • Corey Vezina

    this is a disgrace to the original franchise i honestly thought it was gonna be a prequal but not even it’s a shitty CGI reboot

  • ksedude

    Looks like Baraka.