First Time Ever Live iPPV Coming To WWN Live

WWNLive is excited to present a first time ever event in live iPPV history. Kayfabe Commentaries teams up with to present YouShoot Live!!! with Vince Russo on June 1st at 8pm EST. Go here to pre-order right now:

YouShoot is the most unique shoot interview format where you have the chance to ask the questions. Vince Russo won’t duck any criticism or question. This is your chance to ask anything you want from wrestling’s most controversial creative mind. There’s no telling who might ask something. Can you put Vince Russo on the spot? Will you take this chance to confront him? What will be asked and how will Russo respond?

There’s nothing like live iPPV. There will be no editing and Russo won’t be able to avoid any subject asked of him. Watch it all unfold live at and go to for more info.

Here’s a preview video: