FITE App To Stream Classic Shoot Interviews For Free Every Thursday – Details

FITE sent out the following:

FITE adds Shoot Interviews to its weekly programming starting with Rowdy Roddy Piper this Thursday 8pm EST

FITE will unlock one video from its Best-seller interviews collection to air exclusively for free on the FITE network every week

January 9, 2018, New York – Starting this week, FITE is expanding its over-the-top television offering with the introduction of a shoot interview series to air on a free-to-watch basis at 8pm EST every Thursday. You can download The Fite Appfor free for your cell phone or mobile device by clicking here. Fite can be streamed from your phone to Samsung Smart TVs and via our Roku channel as well.

Shoot Interviews will bolster FITE Pro Wrestling appointment-viewing schedule which already features free TV shows from promotions like Ring of Honor Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Reality of Wrestling and Rocky Mountain Wrestling as well as weekly news and fight recaps curated by FITE editors in a new programming series called “FITE In Focus”. The full FITE weekly schedule is below.

The “Shoot” interviews have a running time of between 50 minutes and 5 hours and will air one-time only for free each Thursday so fans can kick back and dive into the history of Pro Wrestling with some of the most colorful personalities of the sport and learn about their early days in the business.

This Thursday’s Shoot Interview feature with Roddy Piper will have PWInsider’s Mike Johnson as the host for FITE chat session during the program. Get Mike’s take on the interview and offer up your own thoughts as the interview happens live on your video screen.

The interview schedule features all-time Pro Wrestling favorites who charted the wrestling landscape like Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper as well as many of the stars of today such as AJ Styles, Young Bucks and many more.

“Pro wrestling fans have a lot of wrestling viewing choices these days but nothing is better than sinking in your couch watching high quality wrestling program on your big TV screen while interacting with fellow fans in the patented FITE live chatroom”, commented Michael Weber, FITE COO, “FITE appointment viewing schedule offers the perfect Pro Wrestling fix for every fan and we’re thrilled to add these highly popular interview series to the schedule”

Every Tuesday FITE will announce the next interview to air Free on Thursday. The interviews – traditionally available on a pay-per-view basis – will air first-time ever Free on appointment viewing.

The first scheduled Interview to air this Thursday January 11th at 8pm EST is “Shoot Interview with Roddy Piper”

Normally priced at $19.99, this 4.5-hour long interview is touted as one of the biggest interviews for the “Shoot Interview” Series and takes a deep dive into “Rowdy” Roddy Piper career from his early days on the road to his status as one of the most recognizable stars of the wrestling world.

FITE Weekly Viewing Schedule:

Monday, 5pm EST: Breaking News

Insider look into the week of Pro Wrestling

Monday, 7pm EST: ROH Wrestling

ROH Wrestling weekly TV episodes

Tuesday, 10am EST: On The Road with Robbie E

Weekly video blog of Pro Wrestling star Robbie E

Tuesday, 7pm EST: Blue Collar Wrestling

Wednesday, 9pm EST: Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling

Thursday, 4pm EST: HOPE Wrestling

Thursday, 7pm EST: FITE In Focus

Fight recap of the week curated by FITE editors

Thursday, 8pm EST: Shoot Interviews

One PPV shoot interview goes free every week

Sunday, 7:20am EST: MAX Muay Thai

LIVE Muay Thai from Stadium Pattaya, Thailand

Sunday, 4pm EST: Reality of Wrestling

Sunday, 7pm EST: Championship Wrestling from Hollywood