Five Superstars Who Would Make Better US Champions than Santino Marella

The United States championship is a prestigious title held by numerous legends in the WWE. Sadly, that title is no more the prize everyone fought for, but is a prop carried by the Italian superstar Santino Marella. The US Title was once held by greats such as Harley Race is now reduced to a toy Santino carries with himself. The title has not been defended in weeks, and has fallen to a new low. I put forward this question, how can the prestige of the title be restored now?

Last year, the Intercontinental championship was irrelevant. Athletes like Ezekiel Jackson were the champions, and the title was rarely defended. From thereon, wrestling pundits expected the IC Title to sink to a new low, but that did not happen, due to an angel, who goes by the name of Cody Rhodes. Not only did he restore the prestige, he was the savoir of the Smackdown mid card and he always put on a good match, resulting in the success of the Intercontinental championship.

Referring to the topic at hand, the US Title can have the same process, and all they need for that is good and upcoming talented athletes to make this title what it really should be. So, here are five athletes on the roster who would make better champions than the Italian aristocrat.

Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow has been a valuable edition to the roster thus far. After having short segments with him lecturing the WWE Universe about proper etiquette, Sandow finally debuted and crushed many lower mid card superstars including Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu and Zack Ryder. He has also been in important segments, and has impressed one and many with his performances.

There’s no better way to reward Sandow other than a United States championship reign. Damien Sandow has the potential to carry the belt with honor, and has the tools to restore the credibility of the once-important belt. Sandow has proved that he can talk the talk and walk the walk, and it’s no secret that he is an above-average wrestler. Damien Sandow has the tools to be a major star in the WWE, and there’s no better way to have that big leap than a United States championship reign! All hail Sandow! Hallelujah!

Antonio Cesaro

A former football player, Antonio Cesaro has the roughness to succeed in the WWE. Pitting him against Santino Marella is an easy option for the WWE, since they are currently having a feud and Cesaro has been on the winning end always. Cesaro, a former ROH competitor, has the skill to be a main event talent, but that depends on Creative and their options for this young star.

Pairing him with Aksana hasn’t made much of a difference, but having an actual story line with Cesaro would really be influential for his career, and his opponent’s. Cesaro has not been noteworthy in his first few months on WWE programming, but that will change soon if he becomes the next United States champion. He has a match against Marella at SummerSlam, and Cesaro needs to win the championship so that the belt can be placed at it’s original position: at the top. Swiss superiority should reign supreme as I believe that Cesaro will surely win the US Title, as he is brilliance.

Brodus Clay

WWE’s resident dinosaur, Brodus Clay, has had nothing to do as of late. Not only is he irrelevant on the roster now, but he simply isn’t appealing to the masses anymore. For those who do not know, Brodus Clay was a monster heel on NXT Season 4, and was originally planed to have the same character, but that all changed when he debuted: dancing along with two girls, also called his Funkadactyls. He returned to the now-famous theme ‘Somebody Call My Mamma’ and instantly became a hit, due to his gimmick. He had a long winning streak, and has been very successful in the WWE, and he even had a segment on the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania.

Somewhere along the lines, he became stale. Suddenly, destroying superstars wasn’t fun anymore, and the crowd was flat-out bored when he came out. The WWE, not knowing what the fans wanted, elongated Brodus’ entrance to such an extent, and a Ryback match can fill the spot. Besides that, Brodus was also considered to be a rough worker and isn’t someone you’d like to face, so his career is going downhill; and that’s exactly why he should be the US Champion. He needs the US Title as much as the United States championship needs him. The title could provide credibility and advance his career, and Brodus Clay can do the same for the title. So, the question I ask is, why not?


‘Feed. Me. More. Feed. Me More. Feed. Me. More’. Repeating these words multiple times is what you might hear in a restaurant, but in the WWE, these words generally mean death for Ryback’s opponent. Whenever Ryback comes out, there are a few cheers as everyone waits for Ryback to destroy his opponent standing in the ring. May tried to topple Ryback, but they all have remained unsuccessful. First, Ryback went on destruction mode as he defeated two local opponents at the same time, but recently changed his mode and has began attacking WWE jobbers too now.

Just like Brodus Clay, Ryback’s character might get stale, because he has been doing the same shtich for a long time, and it just may be time where the fans cannot get enough and start booing him. This demands for a different gimmick, and if/when he does get one, the United States championship would get a major upliftment if he holds it. Ryback has a lot of untapped potential and he has indeed showed that he can play a cheerful or a dominating monster at his own will. WWE has struck gold with Ryan Reeves, and it’s about time that they realize that Ryback isn’t a machine; but is a destructing explosive.

Wade Barrett

Last but not the least, Wade Barrett, who has injured his shoulder at the hands of the Big Show earlier this year, is my number one pick to win the United States championship. It seems so distant, but it’s so close to be true. Barrett has promised us that his Barrage has yet not ended, and in fact, it has just begun, so what better way to begin his Barrage than to win the US Title? Barrett has been a very promising leader of two factions: the Nexus and the Corre. After distancing himself from both those groups, Barrett has become a one-man army now, as he continued to defeat many lower mid card stars before the injury.

Barrett is a promising prospect for the future, and is a sure shot main eventer for the WWE. Just like Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus, Barrett was pushed too soon and is now recuperating from the de-push he suffered afterwards. It’s the perfect opportunity, and WWE should capitalize on this moment and make Wade Barrett our new United States Champion! The Barrett Barrage shall live on! God save the queen!

Santino Marella as a US Champion is not impressing somebody, and nor is he gaining fans with his joke of a reign. Since WWE has transformed into a diverse society where the opinions of fans’ matters, it’s about time that Santino Marella is crushed by any five of these men and he loses his United States championship.

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