Foley Talks About His WWE Future, Attitude Era vs. PG Era & More

Hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley recently spoke with the UK’s Daily Star to promote his upcoming comedy tour. Here are some highlights of what Foley said about:

Competing At The Royal Rumble: “I had to sit back afterwards and think about all the things that had transpired in the five or six minutes I was out there. I realised just how much fun it was at that point. I had some great reactions from the other wrestlers and my children.”

His Status with WWE: “I’m on a need to know basis going forward, I’d like to get involved in some way. I can’t wrestle very often any more. Apart from the run-in, the Rumble was the perfect way to play to my remaining strengths and not expose my many weaknesses!”

The Attitude Era vs. Today: “Are you saying thumbtacks aren’t fun?! Look, as a dad the thing I enjoy the most about the current product is not having to tell my kids to change the channel when sexual chocolate comes on.”

“The Attitude era was fun for different reasons, it was risque, but a lot was not appropriate for kids. The new style forces wrestlers to be creative and not rely on chair shots to get a pop.”