Footage Of Roman Reigns’ Injury At WWE Live Event & Graphic Photo With Cut Above His Eye

As reported Roman Reigns appeared to be banged up in a botch spot during his match against Randy Orton at Wednesday’s WWE live event in Glasgow. At the 4:40 mark in the video above, Reigns charges from the corner to spear Orton, however Orton looked to turn it into his powerslam at the same exact moment, causing them to knock heads.

Below is a photo from Reigns’ Twitter. He wrote:

  • Bryan

    That’s a nasty one

  • Cody Cosmos

    Cuts like those you would see in Professional Boxing!! jezzzz………
    Nothing to miss time over but sure devastating nonetheless.

  • Larry Brown

    Cut hell that’s a hole.

  • Dr.Jon Kou

    Anyone want to go fishing lol

  • cj

    WWE always put on great matches at the live events compared to what they give us on tv. I never understood that lol