Former Stars Remember Chris Benoit, Hart Looks Back At Stroke

– This weekend marks the five-year anniversary of the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide that occurred over a three-day period ending on June 24, 2007. He murdered his wife and son before hanging himself. Two former WCW stars went on Twitter to remember their late friend.

Perry Saturn: “Another one of those horrible anniversaries. Chris was a great friend and I miss him.”

Scotty Riggs: “Many wrestling fans remember this weekends 5 yr anniversary in their own way, I chose to miss my friends Chris, Nancy & Daniel … All RIP.”

Blue Meanie, who worked with Benoit in ECW and WWE, stated, “Today I reflect on a the 5yr ann. of the most shocking days of my life w/the Chris Benoit double murder/suicide.”

– Ten years ago today, Bret Hart suffered a stroke after hitting his head in a bicycle accident. He briefly suffered paralysis on his left side, which required months of physical therapy. Hart has since recovered much of his mobility and is in good health, although he suffers from an emotional imbalance.

Hart addressed the anniversary on Twitter, writing, “10 years ago today at this very hour, death came calling and returned home empty handed. Thank you God for letting me continue my journey.”

– Today marks the anniversary of three more wrestling deaths: Shane Bauer, who was Chris Benoit’s early tag team partner Biff Wellington, was found dead five years ago today. Toni Adams passed away two years ago today at the age of 45, while midget wrestling star Cowboy Bradley passed away that same day at 75.

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