Former TNA Commentator Talks About Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett & AJ Styles’ TNA Departures

Former TNA Commentator Todd Keneley was a guest on The Shoot radio show this week, heard on The interview can be heard at the following link, starts at the 15 minute mark.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

On Hulk Hogan’s departure: “I think it was time. I think Hulk went in there and did everything he could do to help the TNA brand and he did a lot of good for them in terms of opening that door to different media channels and a lot of international business. I think he played a solid role. Hulk wasn’t just a figure head. He was in those meetings, he was in creative meetings, he was taking time, he was helping guys fine tune the little nuances in ring and on the mic. He was very active, so anyone who thinks Hulk was there just sitting there collecting a check is wrong and i can tell you that first hand.”

On Jeff Jarrett’s departure: “That one was definitely a big head turner, i mean here’s a guy that really put himself out there, founded that company, took a chance did the weekly PPVs, got on Fox Sports at one point, eventually teamed up with the Carters, got on Spike TV. You think about the roller coaster this guy went through and the sacrifices he made to keep that company around is unbelievable so to walk away from it it’s got to be for a good reason one would think. You read the rumors that he’s going to start his own thing and we’ll see. I honestly hope he does, because the more variety and more opportunity for talented people in this business to get work, be seen and make a living the better. He’s obviously got a great mind for the business, but yeah that’s one where if you followed TNA from day one then he’s the guy who started it all so you gotta look at it and say whats going on here.”

On AJ Styles’ departure: “Time will tell whats really going on there. Obviously as much as Jeff Jarrett founded TNA and is synonymous with TNA in terms of a in ring competitor he’s been labeled at times the poster boy of TNA wrestling, AJ Styles is another guy that you just saw his career, you basically him basically grow up in the business in TNA. They were the ones that really gave him a big opportunity to shine and you saw him go from X Division competitor to holding tag team gold all the way to becoming World Champion. He’s a guy you can’t help but respect, a guy that has tons of class, hard worker, great attitude in terms of working with people. So another guy just like Jarrett where you like wow if they really let him go whats the deal.”

  • David Garcia

    I just caught AJ’s Highspots shoot and it really doesn’t look like there are many bright days for TNA ahead. He doesn’t come off as bitter or delusional at all rather he just lays out all that he witnessed wrong in TNA.

    The gist of what he lays out, in his opinion, is that TNA spent a ton of money on guys like Hogan and then took Impact on the road with no real plan (he talks about how they rolled into towns with zero local advertising, no street teams, nothing) and now that it’s all blown up, TNA is cutting costs. He talks about feeling insulted by the contract he was offered and how he believes it’s ultimately a signal to all the other “homegrown” talent. If they’re going to lowball an AJ styles, then what does that mean for Roode, Daniels, Joe, Storm, Kaz, and all the other non-WWE guys. AJ suggests that most of the guys are either going to have to swallow their pride and take bad deals or take their chances elsewhere.

    I fear that by the end of this year TNA is going to look more like WCW at the very end with older “name” talent – some good, some just names there for the check – surrounded by very cheap young talent, most of whom aren’t ready for prime time players.