Former WCW Star Signs Deal With Adult Film Company, His Wife Involved In Contract Talks

TMZ reports that former WCW star Buff Bagwell, who starred on Showtime’s Gigolos show, has caught the eye of adult film company Vivid. Vivid boss Steve Hirsch called a potential movie with Bagwell an “absolute blockbuster.”

Hirsch, Buff and Buff’s wife Judy recently met to work out a deal for his adult entertainment debut.

  • Raj Chauhan

    lol now we’ll actually know how much buff is the stuff lol no homo

    • totallyneccessary

      not much…. hopefully he’s a grower

  • B-Dazzle

    I don’t even know what’s wrong with this man anymore, or his wife for letting him partake in such activities like this. They’re both clueless, but I guess that’s what makes them love each other in the end. First his comments about Punk? Not being able to be champion? & that you’ve to be a big guy just to make money & stuff/ Even though he admitted that he doesn’t even watch the product. lol What a total dick Bagwell is, guess he has nothing else to do for himself anymore but believe that he’s still worth his own name in the business.

  • totallyneccessary

    I thought Judy was his mother manager….