Former “World Title Holder” Returning To Impact Wrestling Revealed (Video)

Dixie Carter revealed that Cincinnati Bengals Adam “Pacman” Jones is the former World title holder that will be returning to Impact Wrestling this Thursday night on spike TV. Despite never really competing in the company, Jones is a former TNA tag team champion.

Embedded in the video below is footage of Dixie revealing Thursday’s guest.

  • Dav4294


  • Jay Ciaravino

    TNA is the biggest joke the wrestling world has ever witnessed. I present exhibit A: PacMan Jones.

    • The Knight of Truth

      I agree 100%!

  • Jesse Bognanno

    sucked at football… sucked at pro wrestling…

    • the brainster

      He doesn’t suck at football. Not even close.

      • SkizzyJohnson

        He Doesnt? Have you seen the stats this season? Absolutely trash.

  • HipsterDemographic

    Well, now I hate wrestling. Thanks Dixie.

  • ChrisUK92

    OMFG its Adam Jones, lets PARTYYYYYY!!!!!!!! …….wait, who the feck is he?

  • Mr Slippyfist

    TNA isn’t up for sale…yet. This will fast track it a little more.