Former World Title Holder Returning To TNA Impact Wrestling Thursday Night (Video)

Dixie Carter mentioned in a new 24/7 video that she has received a phone call from a former World title holder, who will be at Impact this Thursday in Cincinnati.

“He is one of the greatest of all time,” Carter stated. “I can not wait to welcome him home. Stay tuned.”

Embedded below is footage from her announcement:

  • Scott


  • Michael Savage

    I think Kevin Steen of Ring of honor should come to tna wrestling

  • Willey


  • Jordan

    Does TNA even have any kind of fucking plan? It seems like they are just working week to week and just kind of going with the flow. It’s fucking terrible. With no legitimate storyline, viewers have no reason to watch on a regular basis. There is no reason to tune in next week to see what happens next… It seems to me that they are trying to hang on by a very small thread. They just keep getting rid of legitimate talent (which they wasted anyways) only to sign washed up midcard WWE Wrestlers that got fired for failed wellness violations. Mark my word, they will be out of business within two years if there isn’t some major changes. I’m talking decent writers, committing to story-lines. Utilizing the talent they have in a constuctive manner, and don’t you fucking dare put another man in a hall of fame for a company that is TEN YEARS OLD!!! There is no legitimacy there, no honor. No reason to be proud of that.

  • Baller Shots

    Looking at the list of TNA title holders and NWA champs while it was contested in TNA, it’s gotta be either Jarrett, RVD, Rhino, or Raven. Probably Jarrett, since he’s already working as an agent.

  • Mr Slippyfist

    Jarrett(Most Likely), Christian(I know he is in WWE, but maybe he asked to be released) Rhino(Maybe, kinda doubt it.)