Former WrestleMania Celebrity Says She Wants To Wrestle & Is Trying To Return To WWE

MTV reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who hosted RAW in 2011 and wrestled at WrestleMania 27, recently appeared on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast to promote her own new podcast on Podcast one and made it clear that she’s interested in returning to WWE. Thanks to for the quotes:

“I’m actually begging [Vince McMahon] to go back because I want to wrestle more.”

Snooki is currently pregnant with her second child but noted that she’s making sure to keep in great shape. She said:

“Just having more muscle and being more flexible, I feel like can do more moves in the ring. It was such a fun experience that I would definitely go back for more.”

  • Wrestling_fan

    No wonder WM 27 was one of the worst of all times. Please oh please don’t come back!

  • LockDown5625

    In all fairness she actually did pretty well in that match if I remember correctly.

    • cj

      Yea , she only did two moves but she didn’t botch . Which is more than you can say for half the diva’s roster lol. Trish & Michelle carried the match tho. But she doesn’t need to do it, the way WWE works she’ll be diva’s champion and no one wants that.