Former Wrestler Sentenced To 32 Years For Sex Assaults

Andre Davis, a former WWE developmental wrestler, has been convicted of fourteen counts of felonious assaults and was sentenced to 32 years in prison for allegedly failing to tell sex partners that he was HIV positive. He was facing up to 100 years.

Davis, 29, had unprotected sex with 12 women between 2009-2011. He used to wrestle has “Andre Hart” and received a contract offer from WWE but had it pulled after he tested positive for HIV during a physical.

Davis apologized for his actions and asked for the minimum sentence. He said he was suffering from sexual addiction at the time and didn’t recognize what he did because of his depression due to his HIV status.

He added that he hoped to become an activist to help educate people on the dangers as a way to atone. He said he also neglected his children because of being incarcerated.