Former WWE Diva Rips The Bella Twins, Says They Are Selfish Little Mean Girls

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis recently took part in a Reddit AMA. Here’s what she had to say about The Bella Twins after several different questions:

“I pity them. I pity their insecurity.”

“Jealousy is their issue and fear.”

“I wouldn’t waist my time with them. They are selfish little mean girls. I am a grown woman and I don’t play high school games.”

  • Bob

    – Doesn’t play high school games, spends time online gossiping about others like a high schooler.

  • Justin Hinkle

    I have no doubt Maria’s 100% correct. You can sure as hell tell Nikki Bella’s a first class grade A bitch. She walks around like the popular girl in school who’s dating the hot quarterback, looking down on every other diva.

  • ADck


  • vanhm42


  • cj

    Who are the other two former Diva’s that Maria says the Bella’s blocked all their returns ?

    • BrogueKickCutie

      i think Kelly is one and i forgot who was the other one

  • Michael F

    Isn’t this the same one who was so catty backstage that she is now kept away from the women’s wrestlers in most other organizations she does shows for?

  • Aaliyah Hill

    See,this is y I really dont like The Bellas.The only reason why they in WWE is bcuz of sexual appeal,bruh.And yall trying to talk about Maria,at least she was trying to wrestle.Its better to try to wrestle than to b in there being eye candies and showing off their bodies.The Bellas are thots.They not meant to be in WWE.They dont have passion for any title they have in womens wrestling.And then the crazy killer scary is that THEY RESIGNED WITH WWE.Oh my god.I can not stand the Bella Twins,like,literally I can not stand the Bella Twins.They are the worst divas in the divas division along Cameron,Summer Rae,and Rosa Mendes.I wish the Bellas had common sense.And then they ruined everybody chances of returning to WWE.They selfish,messy,prissy,thotty,boring,and unsmart.They always tryna talk about somebody but yall talentless,cant act,and cut the most worse promos Ive ever heard in the history of wrestling promos.And how they go to anti-bullying events they b bullying Eva Marie and the rest of the Diva locker room.And I really hate they gimmicks!!Lord Jesus,they got some awful gimmicks!!!Im going to start with the Brie Mode gimmick.The Brie Mode gimmick dont even do nothin.It has no mood,feeling,and definitely not rage.I dont get Brie Mode at all.The only time she uses Brie Mode is when she dropkicks her opponents from the turnbuckle and when she knees her opponents in the face at the bottom of the rope.And it really makes me laugh cuz Brie Mode is when she drunk and its very childish that she use that in wrestlin.Now,Im finna start on her thotty sister.Nikki has the nerve to call herself fearless?Nikki aint fearless.She tells the world that she fearless.She dont show the world that she fearless.If she was fearless,she’ll stop using her sister to retain the Divas championship and stop lettin her stupid Bella Army cheat for her and send them backstage when its time to have a Divas title match.And the only reason why Nikki is champion is bcuz she wants to make John Cena happy and wants to beat AJ Lee’s reign.Nikki and Brie are nasty,fake,and unentertaining.They are selfish.But thats ok.Cuz The Bellas gon be in a hospital when Sasha Banks,Becky Lynch,and Charlotte beat the messiness out of them….also they have ugly merchandise.