Former WWE Diva Says Batista Got Her Fired, Kofi Kingston Autograph Signing Info

– Former WWE and TNA star Shelly Martinez (known as Shelly and Ariel in WWE) recently spoke to VOC Nation Radio and talked about Batista getting her fired from the WWE.

“Batista and I had an aggressive conversation backstage and he said something that was unnecessary and uncalled for. If it had been outside of wrestling, I’m pretty sure it could have been a legal problem for both Batista and WWE. But this is wrestling, and it’s a man’s business, so I fired back and they fired me. I was just a vampire girl in the fake ECW. He was Batista, and they wanted to accommodate him.

– Kofi Kingston will be signing autographs at the House of Horror at the Miami International shoppinh centre from 6pm until 8pm.

  • Justin Hinkle

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    • Ozias Keagan

      do yo u know him personally Justin.. you sound like you are best friends with him…

      • Justin Hinkle

        No but its public knowledge that Batista was a man whore in the locker room. He admitted to sleeping with Melina in his book. Its a big rumor that he slept with Rosa and Tiffany.

        I’m pretty sure he slept with Layla cause Miz and Morrison talk about calling Layla’s hotel room for a prank one night on the Tom Green Show and said Batista picked up the phone. He slept with Kelly Kelly, there are photos of them out together holding hands.

        So no i don’t know him personally but his flings are widely known around the internet.

      • Kiwilander

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