Former WWE Star Claimed To Be Missing, Ziggler Talks Schedule

— Sean Waltman wrote this afternoon on Twitter that former WWE star Justin Credible (real name Peter Polaco) is missing.

“APB out on our boy Justin Credible. Spread the word. We need to find him. This is a life or death type situation. We love u PJ.”

— Kent State University celebrated Dolph Ziggler Day Friday as the SmackDown Superstar returned to to his Alma mater for KSU’s biggest dual of the year against Ohio University. During his visit, he discussed his life as as WWE Superstar, including the strenuous road schedule.

“Usually home half of Wednesday, all of Thursday. Fly out Friday, driving Friday night, driving Saturday. We usually do four to five shows a week, depending on where you’re needed at. And then you just do the whole thing all over again the next week; just getting to the gym, finding food, it’s kind of a pain, but you’re just constant, constantly going whether you’re hurt or not. But every time you step thru the ropes, it’s always worth it. It’s cool.”

He also notes that the honorary Intercontinental Championship belt that WWE provided him as champion is hanging up at his parents house. He says that he’s actually not into that sort of stuff.

The video interview is available here.

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